Woodworking – Making Crown Moulding yourself

Hopefully a usefull video of making moulding yourself, no router involved.

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8 Responses to Woodworking – Making Crown Moulding yourself

  1. edmondmansourian says:

    looks? very good !!!

  2. Tagmation says:

    thank? you!

  3. Mark Andrews says:

    Very nice and enjoyed? the music…thanks!

  4. Tagmation says:

    Thanks alot Mark,? glad you liked it!

  5. Lise Fournier says:

    good idea..Thanks!!!

  6. Tagmation says:

    Thanks Lise? 🙂

  7. DexterAnderson87 says:

    Wow that was so? easy and useful

  8. Marcos Soto C. says:

    very simple; using only hand tools,? good for do-it-yourselfers.

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