Wood Carving Tool- Wood Carving Dremel Rotary Tool- Beginner Wood Carving Dremel-Part 2

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25 Responses to Wood Carving Tool- Wood Carving Dremel Rotary Tool- Beginner Wood Carving Dremel-Part 2

  1. doobiesnax says:


    “so work with me here…..im just? screwin around”

    that was hilarious dude

  2. dennis stallings says:


  3. Brett Jarvi says:

    ? Thanks bro

  4. Brett Jarvi says:

    right? on

  5. Raylond Williams says:

    hey i just got into carving looking for a mini hobbbie do you have any tips? for a begginer like me? and im 14 !

  6. cdmills12 says:

    Are you? High?

  7. Brett Jarvi says:


  8. downsouthdiggers says:

    where is the? 3rd vid?

  9. Brett Jarvi says:

    Not all. I should show ya all the way I carve. There has been death and misery in my life recently.?

  10. Rednek Charly says:

    is that? a Union job? 😉

  11. Mandyjane1980 says:

    wow some people!!! Get over it!! I think that you did a great job and a good video! I make wooden signs and I have the same dremel.. is that a 300 series with the detailers grip attchment! If so that is exactly what use!!! Loved your video! you seem like you are creative and layed back! dont let idiots take up any of your time!! Don’t resond! They are called BOTTOM FEEDERS.. you know people that hang at the bottom of existance and try to make themselves feel better? by downing others!!! LOSERS

  12. Mandyjane1980 says:

    oh nope you must? own the wireless engraver’s stylus dremel!

  13. hislip33 says:

    hi im kind of a young guy interested in wood carving and stuff like that. I’ve got a large 6 acre wooded area for me to get material for projects. up till now I’ve been using a cheap rotary tool with no? power. today i looked at the dremel 4000 and i may get it. any recommendations on a good all around dremel for carving? or any tips for a young beginner??

  14. Brett Jarvi says:

    Hey, My friend, I was out in the woods today and I brought home a few unique pieces of wood. Curvy branches that fell some time ago. And I do this almost everyday. I do this just for the f#ck of? it, I get off on peace and quiet…
    I would recommend corded rotary tools for serious carving, please scope this and leave a message…

  15. MKF30 says:

    I was looking at these relatively cheap priced and effective dremel multi-tools with grinders, carving, cutting, etc. I was also looking into sling shot making and home made projects with wood,? metal of late. I heard these tools are GREAT for it? Would you recommend tools like this for slingshots? Wood projects etc? Cool video man!

  16. Brett Jarvi says:

    I totally would. There? are tons of attachments and bits.

  17. gameglobe1 says:

    sorry to? hear that.

  18. Samoh Kul says:

    You are? INCREDIBLY talented! I bought me a Dremel drill after seeing this video 🙂

  19. Brett Jarvi says:

    I love you Mandy Jane!!!!!?

  20. Brett Jarvi says:

    Buy it from ME? smartass.

  21. Brett Jarvi says:

    Come over? to my house… I Love people.

  22. Brett Jarvi says:

    love me, that is the? one thing I never wanted, bitch.

  23. Mandyjane1980 says:

    :0 just speaking the truth? so that some ppl dont have to read the nonsense!!

  24. gameglobe1 says:


  25. kitedh says:

    Thanks? for the vid

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