Wood Carving – Power Carving/ Engraving Demonstration

See how easy it is to engrave or carve just about anything. This demonstration is on how to carve a leaf pattern onto a wooden coin using power carving, high…

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25 Responses to Wood Carving – Power Carving/ Engraving Demonstration

  1. josue guzman says:

    Thats cool? where can i buy one

  2. Russ Larsen says:

    Profitable Hobbies dot com or Profitable Hobbies Store? dot com.

  3. kaguilar9989 says:

    Can it carve through to the other? side?

  4. awsomearnem says:

    8-bit?? or 16-bit?

  5. Chris Ollenberger says:

    If? I had a dollar for every pixel in this video I’d have one dollar.

  6. Golden Legion says:

    Correction, half a? dollar!

  7. PapaSmirfable says:

    how much would something? like this cost me?

  8. Chris Matthews says:

    Only? a rich person can afford to engrave wood with this tool.

  9. Scorpion85629 says:

    Nice coaster?

  10. bakebean11 says:

    Where do? u get the paper from or do it ha a specific name?

  11. GCMGrabados says:

    muy? bunito

  12. tstewart01 says:

    I liked your? solution to the noise of the drill

  13. omar7207 says:

    seria? bueno traducirlo al español

  14. The Vintage Kitchen says:

    You can carve with a dremel but the maximum speed is? about 1/10th of the tool used in the video. I’ve only just got mine so I haven’t used it for a lot of picture engraving yet.

  15. The Vintage Kitchen says:

    My Dremel? that is 😛

  16. tincan918 says:

    What is the tool? called?

  17. headlesmouse says:

    where can i get some stencil designs not the paper? but a design to get me going

  18. headlesmouse says:

    you can get it from “profitable? hobbies store dot com” and it is just called stencil film
    no spaces in the web address

  19. headlesmouse says:

    anywhere from 40-90 dollars depending on how many bits and accessories come with it. if you want a cordless one it will be 28-100 dollars depending on the bits and voltage. you can buy them at Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware,? and pretty much anywhere else that sells drills and tools.

  20. InbarSternbach says:

    If I had a dollar for every pixel in this video, I’d have… Well… One? dollar.

  21. bryce995 says:

    Can? it cut/engrave metal or plastic?

  22. Jonny Herft says:

    What is? that drill called

  23. Artam de la roja says:

    if? i had a dollar for every cool people who wrote that same comment, i would have.. no dollar.

  24. InbarSternbach says:

    OMG you’re? such a badass! I am so offended! boo hoo!

  25. Artam de la roja says:

    why is omg in capital letter, i? NEED to know, and i wanna know everyfuture cool comment that will go viral, people cool as you have to be monitorized.. how did you come up with the pixel joke, that was absolutely impressive…

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