Vaulted Ceiling Crown Moulding Installation

Crown Moulding installation on vaulted/cathedral ceilings in a Master Bedroom and Master Bath. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before video and the how to so we do apologize, but however at least we got the after and what it’s suppose to look like. The crown isn’t touched up with paint, only caulked.

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5 Responses to Vaulted Ceiling Crown Moulding Installation

  1. Cindy Myers says:

    what color? paint is that goldish brown?

  2. TheConstrucTV says:

    We didn’t paint the? rooms. They were already painted, so I can’t say exactly what color that is. But it was a golden brown.

  3. xz28camaro says:

    thats where flex molding comes into play. i work for a company called EL&EL we? make bullnose corners and flex in everyprofile

  4. njrun says:

    nice? job man

  5. TheConstrucTV says:

    @xz28camaro Those moldings came from EL&EL, we used to carry their products when we had our own Molding and Flooring store. That portion was way too small to use flex as it was a bump in the wall which is? common, also impractical price wise but thank you.

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