Vaulted Ceiling Crown molding job

Helping out the family business by being the “cut” man running the miter box cutting the silly expensive crown molding. Fair bit of math involved, all moldin…

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  1. 100PercentGreen says:

    My head is hurting just thinking of all the measurements and math that had? to be undertaken. Very nice results!

  2. James Lerch says:

    @100PercentGreen Yup,? a fair amount of math, we did all the cuts w/o a jig. The only surprise we ran into was after snapping chalk lines around the room @ the anticipated distance from the ceiling. We failed to consider that the walls parallel to the ridge, had to have the line move up 1.25″ because the ceiling moved up that much in 5 inches. The walls at a 45 to the ridge had to move up 5/8″ Once that was sorted, it went pretty quickly.

  3. travis fuller says:

    I’m trying to install crown moulding in a vaulted ceiling and having? difficulties. Would you have an email so I could ask you a couple of questions? Mine is

  4. daniel042 says:

    Crown Molding Tools app for android?

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