Using a Dremel Tool : How to Use a Dremel Tool

A Dremel tool can be used for cutting, grinding, sanding, buffing and shaping materials such as wood, laminate, ceramic and metal. Learn about the many uses of this versatile tool with tips from a professional carpenter in this free video on Dremel tools. Expert: Stephen G. Anthony Bio: Stephen G. Anthony is a professional carpenter, woodworker and handyman based in New York City and south Florida. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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25 Responses to Using a Dremel Tool : How to Use a Dremel Tool

  1. Ravanaboy says:

    Can you sand or? cut plastic?

  2. Harry8hk says:

    Nice explanation steve thanks…?

  3. MultiMinecraft123 says:

    i got my demel today love it? already

  4. Serostern says:


  5. Serostern says:

    They are like ten bucks for non dremel brand? ones.

  6. Serostern says:

    Sorry, it won’t work. I suggest you get a? hacksaw.

  7. NotJoooe says:

    Thank you!?

  8. omgBillyMayz says:

    Life wasn’t worth? living for until I got my Dremel 4000 <3

  9. ceramicchicken1 says:

    o thats a router attachment, thank you 😀 i could not find that in the instruction manual, im was like whats? this a stand?

  10. journeyquest1 says:

    Wife: “What the heck are you? doing to my fancy patio table?”

  11. jeremiah agojo says:

    3:07. did he just say bitch!??

  12. yklct says:

    O Anderson Silva? KKKKKK!!!!!!! muito legal a propaganda!!

  13. FenwayO4 says:

    “if the bit should come lose” sounds like bitch when? you say it fast.

  14. dwoodsky says:

    Dremel is a brand of tools for people that didn’t know, what he uses in this demo is a rotary tool made by dremel, imo Dremel is the? best brand of rotary tool.

  15. kuntzy23 says:

    Nice safety? glasses!

  16. xboxkidz1 says:

    @knqtbmi yep I was desperately searching for some wood working plans for my new house. listen to this a friend of mine working with Top Class furnitures said these designs are the main models for attractive wooden furnitures and wooden crafts. you can get it? here =>

  17. Zurnmusic says:

    I dropped the dremel at full speed it and it? landed on my leg. thank god for super glue. The dremel is the most dangerous tool ever.

  18. 1991piotrek says:

    2:07 …? that was so scary

  19. motosnoopyX says:

    dude, very thanks to explain me? how to use 565 tool of dremel. Very thanks!

  20. TheCruithneach says:

    I wish I didn’t listen to you, now my dremel tool is glued to my leg and I cant turn it off as it routes me like swiss cheese….blood loss feeling? faint……….

  21. MHTownsend57 says:

    You have a Craftsman tool similar to mine, but will ours work with the Dremel Work Station Drill press? The Dremel Work Station attaches by the nose unscrewing and screwing the dremel tool into the tray. So what it comes? does to is, are Craftsman the same size threads and nose as Dremel? Sorry for my wrong terminology.

  22. Tweetie1951 says:

    I just sent Dremel an email to customer service. Sad that I had to go searching the internet to find the basic of how to use their tool by someone else. Their booklet and videos don’t show the very basic concept .Thank god you had did. I am a pretty hands on female, and getting this tool to accept the various Chucks & Collets for attachments and bits has been a pain. Thank you thank you for the very basics? to get started! BRAVO

  23. MarQu3 says:


  24. caldarelli66 says:

    These posts are informative and? I ‘m grateful for these posts.

  25. 1936emigrant says:

    Thanks for putting these instructions on video. I only wish that the? lighting in the videos were a bit better so that I could see the little things like the bits and other accessories more clearly. But thanks anyhow. The videos help.

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