Using a Dremel Tool : Dremel Scroll Saw Tutorial

The scroll saw attachment to a Dremel tool can be used to cut random shapes into a variety of materials. Be sure to wear eye protection when using this high-speed rotary tool with tips from a professional carpenter in this free video on Dremel tools. Expert: Stephen G. Anthony Bio: Stephen G. Anthony is a professional carpenter, woodworker and handyman based in New York City and south Florida. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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25 Responses to Using a Dremel Tool : Dremel Scroll Saw Tutorial

  1. MALITHA8 says:

    this is a good one.?

  2. atilla1990tzu says:

    vollkommen ├╝berfordert -? der Dremel

  3. iporter85 says:

    i woulnt do that and i used a dremal? before that doesnt sound good at all

  4. Bruckner says:

    It is hard to follow a pattern with that tool, using that specific method, due to the tip’s? rotating motion. Draw a pattern on a board and try again.

  5. jamesnuutinen says:

    oh god my speakers? XD

  6. Wouter d.B. says:

    Ehm…that screeching sound is the cutting bit slipping inside the collet… I have experienced that many times, it’s caused by not allowing the cutting tool to? ‘cut’ the wood.

    Great way to waste the tool/dremel.

  7. ScrollsawVideo says:

    A handyman that uses a Dremel for? a scroll saw….hmmmmmm. There is a MAJOR difference between the two tools and what they were designed to do.

  8. 88beauzeau88 says:

    A guy who does scrollsaw? videos with nothing better to do than surf around on youtube looking for other videos to criticize… hmmmmmmmmm. There is a MAJOR difference between someone saying a dremel is the best way to do scrollsaw work and someone simply trying to show the versatility of a dremel. By the way, let’s see your precious scrollsaw cut away a roll pin that’s seized up in a CV-shaft….

  9. ScrollsawVideo says:

    A scrollsaw can’t do that, but one of my 16 Dremels can give it a shot. BTW…..I work for Dremel/Bosch and love the tool.

    I didn’t? criticize and sorry that you took it that way.

  10. JTshoot says:

    grammar? fail…

  11. jodex96 says:

    I wouldn’t say? those are safety goggles.

  12. skiierboy01 says:

    more like a router than a scroll saw?

  13. waveriderz says:

    Hi.. i would like to enlarge a? speaker hole and am curious a
    if a Dremel and that bit would cut 1/2″ mdo board? …Thanks

  14. tharrington11 says:

    that’s kind of common sense? dude

  15. waveriderz says:

    well dude…i got one shot at this ‘cuz i got no time to rebuild speaker cabinets. I have found Dremels to be more hobby? tools. I have ’em, just don’t own that particular bit. .My speaker baffles are harder than the plywood shown here, which is why i asked..

  16. tharrington11 says:

    The Dremel? will work fine on hard wood if you go really slow and have complete control over it.

  17. yigitdemir1 says:

    how? much does the dremel tool cost

  18. Krb68691 says:

    @jodex96 Hi-impact? polycarbonate lenses.

  19. youutubestinks says:

    if you gonna use the tool in that way be? sure to have alt least 25 or 30 mototools in hand to use them after they burn out one by one XD haha

  20. aberam1 says:

    @ryanathan2 Other? than the fact that all Dremel tools are built left hand oriented.

  21. Christopher711 says:

    If push came to shove couldn’t you cut a piece of? wood with it?

  22. Robert Haavind says:

    how do you see what you are cutting?

  23. wols9377 says:

    Sir, as a carpenter you cannot recommend this precisiontool in this way. The things you are using it for are jobs for an? router and btw the sound of your machine tells me that there’s something wrong in there.

  24. eeskin says:

    poor? dremek is screaming ­čÖü

  25. TheCruithneach says:

    Right, it’s not a heavy duty tool. Perfect for purfling rebates on violins type jobs. But that said, if you don’t have unrealistic expectations and push it beyond its limit, take your time and work wisely and with zen, these little? tools (the plug in model not the battery version) can perform some amazing things like cutting 1/8 thick mild steel tubing and steel rebates. 10 years ago I literally made a quality .22 calibre automatic with just a dremel a drill press, files and stock steel tube.

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