Tuesday Tool Time- Dremel 3000

Test/review of a dremel 3000

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10 Responses to Tuesday Tool Time- Dremel 3000

  1. scott Foss says:

    Nice? video.

  2. ASliceofWoodWorkshop says:

    Thank you, hope? you check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel.

  3. AmaGiShokan says:

    with the sanding attachments? what grade? are the grits? can you tell me?

  4. ASliceofWoodWorkshop says:

    I’m not %100 sure, but they are rougher. Maybe about 120 or 80 grit. I tried to look, but didn’t? really see anything that had the grit # anywhere.

  5. pythagoreios07 says:

    The? one is 60 grit the other one is 120 grit….

  6. pythagoreios07 says:

    The one is? 60 grit the other one is? 120 grit….

  7. ASliceofWoodWorkshop says:

    Thanks, I knew it was 120 and? something rougher.

  8. technickpelailija275 says:

    i got dremell? 3000 too 😀

  9. muddymole5 says:

    how much was it for??

  10. ASliceofWoodWorkshop says:

    The price? I won this in a contest so I’m not sure? what they are usually.

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