Trying to open 5.45X39 Spam Can with Dremel Tool – AK 74 7n6 AMMO

Old video I found on an external hard drive dated Jan 29th 2010, I could not find the can opener for the Ammo so I was going to try to open it with a dremel tool but I found the can opener whilst looking for the dremel so I tried with the dremel anyways to see if it could be done

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9 Responses to Trying to open 5.45X39 Spam Can with Dremel Tool – AK 74 7n6 AMMO

  1. lynette1953 says:

    39? mags 🙂

  2. ZunnyONe says:

    we’re both? wrong 1080/30 = 36

  3. lynette1953 says:


  4. oPaRaLyZeRx says:

    is that? a century tantal?

  5. ZunnyONe says:

    yes, it’s the same century tantal seen in my other “keyhole” “bullet test” “chamber/barrel” test videos before it got a makeover. Be very careful treading youtube when it comes to the Century Tantal, it seems about 98% of folk who never even touched the fucking thing think they all are junk, they are also willing? to KILL or BE KILLED for this belief , the ‘Century Arms Polish Tantal’ is indeed the new Christianity of the 21st Century!!!! ppl willing to die for BLASPHEMOUS SLANDER

  6. RyanR3volution says:

    Did you get your Izhmash stock for your? Arsenal from Russian Surplus?

  7. ZunnyONe says:

    rusmilitary . com, shipping took about Ten days I think, click on weapons then AK/SVD Furniture, everything they? sell pretty much comes directly from Russia. I tell you what that Russian stock is MUCH higher quality than the crappy kvar/arsenal American made one, it make’s the American one feel like an airsoft part, plus the spring in the Russian is a real spring and not a piece of dog shit that got ran through a curly frie machine?

  8. RyanR3volution says:

    Thanks, yeah the KVAR one looks nice but like you said, the durability of that thing does not feel that great. Even on Arsenals promotional vids where they throw it out of? a car, it breaks. Arsenal markets it as a battle ready weapon but they leave out that they may have the molds for the Ruskie furniture but it is definitely not the same polymer.

    Fuck 922R laws.

  9. herrcobblermachen says:

    One of the Jumbo? american P38 can openers work for me.

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