How-To Series – Rotary Tools – Loading Collets and Bits.

How to change and load collets and bits on a Kawasaki Rotary Tool. Brought to you by

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8 Responses to How-To Series – Rotary Tools – Loading Collets and Bits.

  1. 1991Scar says:

    thanks? for making this vidio hunni =] huge help lol xoxo

  2. yamarati says:

    thank you! i have never used a dremel tool before, and i borrowed an old one and i wasnt sure if things where stuck from being old, or if i? was doing it wrong.

  3. Scoztaxx says:

    This was a great video, I had never used a rotary tool before either, and borrowed one from my friend. You? answered basically all the beginner questions, thank you!

  4. LaurieLouis says:

    Thanks! I got a rotary tool for Christmas and couldn’t? find the manual. Very helpful!

  5. jeremiah agojo says:

    I? need to drill a hole into a 7/64″ piece of steel, will this work?

  6. Plazback says:

    Thanks alot ;)?

  7. dwoodsky says:

    Easy,? that’s nothing.

  8. Craig Mitchell says:

    Kind of an odd ball question I have an Everise rotary tool and I was wondering if you knew if it and others like it would work in the? Dremel workstations ?

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