Tool Review: Dremel 300

pricing on Amazon ranges from 50-60 USD.

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25 Responses to Tool Review: Dremel 300

  1. KNDoperative says:

    thanks for the? info.

  2. Benjamin Tiger says:

    thanks for the review, you convinced me to get one myself! I don’t know how i ever? modded without it!

  3. Annpig4020 says:

    Thank you!!! I just got one today and was having a hard time figuring out what part was? what!!!

  4. GundamShogun says:

    Thanks man just? pick one up.

  5. WAV335 says:

    It sounds cool but I’d prefer a black and decker rtx because I hear its built? stronger and it works wth dremel pieces or bits.

  6. dajstafarian says:

    this thing probably would have made building my r3l wayyyyyyyyyyy easier?

  7. Codenamebravo says:

    5:37 not a sharpening stone it’s a polishing compound I thought? the same thing until I opened it. Nice review though.

  8. shysterlicious says:

    Your review was? very well executed. It’s informative and there’s none of that meaningless irrelevant babble you hear in other videos. Question: how well does this tool and the bits work on metal (sanding, cutting, etc.)?

  9. howtodothings100 says:

    i notice you using it properly not? moving the tool as much as the target

  10. thesalty sack says:

    i just? got one brand new on ebay for 50 bucks awsome

  11. thesalty sack says:

    dude? nice vid you explained everything thanks bro

  12. Cwafter says:

    I just got a 800 piece dremel accesory case for 25% of its? normal price

  13. TheAbuhmann says:

    make a vid on it i? wold love to see it

  14. fordwindsor351 says:

    it is not, open the package and? you will find out that its actually a paste like material

  15. MrWonnabee says:

    What about metal? steal and? so on?

  16. rpsgiverteller says:

    My little stone that? it comes with is actually a polishing stone it has a sticker that says it

  17. jgehbdiy says:

    I purchased this for? $60 at K-Mart on 1/1/12

  18. Akash Akashevil says:


  19. 3rdstreetsaintsxx says:

    how much did u pay and where u get it ??

  20. 90210blackman says:

    Aren’t the cutting bits hot after removing them with? your bare hands? And are there any additional bits you can buy which aren’t included in the box? Like screwdrivers.

  21. livyrocks says:

    thankyou! x

  22. MrFoxracing19 says:

    I have. Dremel 3000 payed 90 with taxes at home depot?

  23. sciencegey says:

    the metal attachment is for giving? a ‘brushed look’

  24. Taylor Morton says:

    nice review very helpful
    thx XD

  25. NerfCompound 1 says:

    What is the material of your table??

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