review on the Black & decker rotary/dremel tool

if you have any Q’s for me just ask =)

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  1. ils360 says:

    what do toy mean by cut wood do you mean like a? saw??

  2. 52panmeichen says:

    I mean. can it use? to cut wood? Drill hole?

  3. ils360 says:


  4. 52panmeichen says:

    can it? use to drill house hold stuff?? not toy?

  5. James Martin says:

    Is RTX the american version…? here in the UK I can only find RT650KA… anyone have any info on the difference if any!!

  6. TimDovey says:

    will this model cut PVC pipe pretty easy? I was going to buy? a more expensive one but if I don’t need to I won’t

  7. ils360 says:

    ? ya it can just fine

  8. Writer10389 says:

    I’m a hobbyist who needs a durable rotary tool (for cutting plastic or thin metal, or for smoothing rough edges). I’ve seen reviews for the Dremel 300 & 4000, then I saw this video. For? small-scale projects, would you recommend this over the Dremel brand? Thanks

  9. richardkkirk says:

    In England we call it the wizard, I have had one for over 7 years now and I use it regular for every thing from grinding my lawn mower blades back to a fine edge, removing paint off the drive gates in the corners, to cutting and engraving wood…I love it!!! would not? hesitate to replace with a new one…i

  10. richardkkirk says:

    ..they are great for doing the things you want, one word of warning though, when you use the cut off disc’s they are very thin and u have to be very careful with the amount of pressure you put on them or they will shatter, they might even do a metal blade version? now?..hope this

  11. wattyBgood says:

    Thanks for the video! I actually just bought? one of these without doing much review beforehand… glad to see that you think this is superior to the Dremel. ~Cheers!

  12. alesiosps says:

    It can cut steel of 1.5mm?

  13. COYOTE165A says:

    Does this B&D RTX 3 speed come with a kit with? any accessories,? like the Dremel Kits do.? Or are they an extra that will cost an arm & a leg to buy & add on to this RTX tool.?

  14. Kill3rAnth says:

    what way do you need to turn the top piece to? take out the attachment

  15. flasks3 says:

    After 50 years of using rotary tools for my restoration work, I finally realized that Black and Decker was producing the RTX. I gave it a thorough testing and found out that NOTHING on the market could even come close to the RTX’s power and duribility. I even made one of my 4 RTX’s into a metal lathe grinder.? Dremels have a short life due to inferior bearings, low amphrage causing premature over-heating, burn out, lack of quick change bit option and down-right lack of power.

  16. JOSUEALE says:

    Hey, I’m planning on buying this but I need to cut a metal computer case, what attachments do I need? to buy? Thanks for the video, I was about to buy the Dremel 4000 but then I saw this video.

  17. N0logicX says:

    Bigtonyfrompa uses this to polish his feed ramps on guns. If? you don’t want to be a fat lard like him buy a dremmel

  18. 8steve88 says:

    In the U.K. there’s a hardware chain store called B&Q, Right next to the Dremel display there was a stack of Ryobi EHT150V multitools with a flevi shaft and clamp on hanging stand and a very good accessory pack in a carrying case for £10 more than the base model Dremel, 10,000- 30,000 rpm. 150w and the same fittings as Dremel? – all the tools fit and the thread on the nose of the tool and flexishaft same. Took me 5 mins of comparison. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks and it works great.

  19. headfuckd says:

    no like an axe i? wont to chop it

  20. kdougall652 says:

    isnt that the green one ?i was considering getting one of those or a dremel and still havent made up my mind, i was wondering can it cut metal ok. i would be using it to cut the heads? of bolts etc and is there any down sides of the tool

  21. 8steve88 says:

    Yes that’s the green one, It’s a good tool, I use it an hour or two most days and everything has worked fine and shows no sign of wearing out. If you are using it to cut the heads off bolts etc. use the reinforced wheels, the one supplied with the tool for cutting metal, they last much longer than the thin ones. It cuts carbon steel for knife blades O.K. so it should cut bolts no problem. The only downside is that it’s a bit noisy but no more so than other multi-tools.
    Would I? buy another, yes.

  22. kdougall652 says:

    i recently bought this product? and i was very dissapointed with it, i used it to clean up my footpegs and cut off a few bolts and it started to burn out and the speed controllet wasnt working right. i returned it and got the dremel 300 and it did the same. i expected alot more from these tools because there was alot of good reviews. it struggled to cut a bolt that was only 8mm thick ! i think a butterknife would have been a better tool to use.the acsesories wear out fast too. STICK WITH A GRINDR

  23. InsaneSCKid says:


  24. Ibringthetruth1 says:

    Black and Decker says it’s all steel ball bearing construction vs Oilite? bearings for Dremel.

  25. dirtfarmer96wt says:

    Got one and? love it

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