Reciprocating Handpiece for Foredom or Dremel Learn how to use the WeCheer reciprocating handpiece to help you carve. This tool converts your rotary Foredom or even a Dremel tool into a power chisel that allows you to safely and efficiently chisel wood away. This reciprocating handpiece is great for carvers who prefer the handcarved look but need to remove wood quickly and without dust.

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4 Responses to Reciprocating Handpiece for Foredom or Dremel

  1. RodsArtChannel says:

    Cheating be damned.? I’m getting one.

  2. TheManFromAlaska says:

    How bad is the vibration? for extended periods?

  3. treelineusa says:

    Surprisingly, the vibration is very little. We have? several people with arthritis or other hand problems love this tool because it is so comfortable and easy to use.

  4. schpoingle says:

    i don’t know about the arthritis thing. then again i’m not selling the thing. when you can’t push a gouge through? wood, arthritis or not, you use a mallet. mallet and gouge much easier on hands than this power tool. i do enjoy it but my time personally is limited on it because of hand issues. the vibration isn’t bad compared to holding a rotary tool by the motor casing. but don’t be fooled, it is a small jackhammer device in your hand. it is a POWER tool and nothing about it feels otherwise.

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