Quick and Slick Crown Moulding with the Follow Me Tool.wmv

This is the 2nd of two video tutorials showing some tricks, techniques and methods for adding crown moulding to your SketchUp 3D model. By carefully selecting a “path” for the crown moulding profile the Follow Me tool makes magically quick work of wrapping a ridiculously complex room with a perfectly fit trim job! Get in-depth background info on this video at: www.finehomebuilding.com

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2 Responses to Quick and Slick Crown Moulding with the Follow Me Tool.wmv

  1. TheFlyingmonkey21 says:

    Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you, O my god I have been? trying to figure this out for so darn long… THANK YOU

  2. Matt Jackson says:

    You’re welcome… glad to participate in your recent SketchUp epiphany!
    If you visit my Digital Jobsite blog at the Fine Homebuilding website the “Working Model” blog post shows a few handy tricks for working with crown molding in SU models and a bit more info on using the Follow Me tool.
    I can’t add a link in this comment but you should be able to find The Digital Jobsite blog with? a quick search.
    Thanks for watching and commenting!

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