Pt 1 of 4 How to build a router table for your dremel tool

Step by step video instructions for building a router table to fit your dremel tool. part 1 of 4.

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18 Responses to Pt 1 of 4 How to build a router table for your dremel tool

  1. the1000expert says:

    this could have been a lot shorter in time.?

  2. Charles Sinclair says:

    Really, it showed how to build a dremel holder, not a router table. And it really didn’t show you. It? told you…

  3. Bev Dean says:

    it is part 1 of 4. That means there are? 4 parts to this video… perhaps you didn’t watch the whole thing. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. youutubestinks says:

    ah the always wise guys appearing from below every stone on floor if you know a better way to do it record it and upload it
    btw, for me was useful I want a table like that ? ; ) many thanks

  5. JHSchwarzkopf says:

    Male critics? are a dime a dozen…it really is a Male Role Belief System (Mr.B.S.) flaw of illusion of egos.

    I thank you for taking the time to put these series together & will just enjoy the shared experience that you have with this fantastic tool…

  6. king4george says:

    very good. easy to? make. good design.

  7. Random132456 says:

    Great? explanation.

  8. gorgeousbronze says:

    You owned him. hahahahaaha. I’m impressed with? your ingenuity.

  9. Carly Mason says:

    awesome? video…thank you so much.

  10. jckstrthmghty says:

    watched all the vids. Not a bad little table. Not digging the hose? clamp or the liquid nails to hold the clamp but some good principles incorporated.

  11. david martinez says:

    muy bueno tu video amigo, lastima que no sepas espaƱol, pero es muy buen video, nada mas? viendo uno aprende

  12. Bube Netkova says:

    @lqjkuou yeah most of the interior pro guys hiding the best wood working plans from the public. listen to this you can make? some very attractive wooden projects with this wood working package. Its finally been released to the public. i found it here >>

  13. rodstartube says:


  14. thekillcamkid says:

    u a boy or a? girl?

  15. fluterampal says:

    U are? a brilliant lady

  16. alworashi alshatti says:

    A? very great idea

  17. PhonyamoTeromani says:

    Great video …. you can also use a rubber lining on the inside of the hose clamp coz the vibrations can snap the tool off? it……… similar to a tyre tube for a better grip …. just to be safer

  18. BrunoDzogovik says:

    Much cheaper than to buy a Dremel holder? or something…

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