Polishing Metal with a Dremel Rotary Tool

Polishing metal with a Dremel Stylus, Felt Tip #422 and a Mandrel #401 Polishing Compound #421

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22 Responses to Polishing Metal with a Dremel Rotary Tool

  1. medhateez says:

    i have the same stylus but it only works for 5 minuts after a full charge , does anyone know the reason ??? or a solution for this problem ???? please

  2. Dremel410 says:

    Try giving Dremel Customer Service a call. You can most likely send the tool in for maintenance? free of charge. 1-800-437-3635

  3. escafallen says:

    you shouldve taken the 300 series 🙂 it has the flex tool thingy and its basicly a stylus?

  4. TheLongfords says:

    Rubbish, i wonder? about her g vice

  5. 7brothers says:

    how much $ 4 a dremel rotary? tool???
    and where can i buy 1???

  6. Dremel410 says:

    Different rotary tools vary in price. You can find them at most hardware stores and home improvement centers nationwide. Call Dremel Customer? Service for more details at 1-800-437-3635 M-F from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

  7. merlin4029 says:

    How do you get rid of the tool marks on the metal after you’re done? I’ve tried using more/less polish, polishing lighter/harder, polishing multiple times, and I’ve tried polishing with quicker/slower strokes. I only have a one-speed, so maybe the bit is moving too quickly/slowly, so any information? would be appreciated.

  8. HaloHamstur says:

    i have a 4000 and i rubbed polishing compound that? came with it on my shiny 1st gen ipod touch back and polished it all different speeds and ways and it still looks like brushed chrome…

  9. waurbenyeger says:

    Can the felt tips be? reused or are they one time use?

  10. NamesROverated says:

    around? $100

  11. cableaddict says:

    WHY is this not recommended for chrome?

    Is there something else I can use with my Dremel,? for chrome?

  12. efahrenholz1 says:

    Getting rid if tool marks requires softer polishing. You could use? water to blend in tool marks with rough abrasive polish. I haven’t used the polish that came with mine. I actually use 3M rubbing compound, with enough passes it will give it a mirror finish.

  13. elstado1 says:

    agreed. I have a whole bunch of? chrome bike parts to polish and i would hate to do it by hand since I have a Dremel 400 at my disposal.

  14. Trimere says:

    It’ll? only take you all day to polish one thing. *smh*

  15. sharonie11 says:

    Can this be used to buff/polish sterling silver? Should I use a different speed, accessory? tool head or different compound?

  16. Belruen says:

    It is not recommended for chrome because the chrome is a plating on? top of the metal, and the abrasiveness of polishing with a dremel tool can wear the chrome off the metal or cause chipping if it heats the area and it warps.

  17. cableaddict says:

    Thanks for? that clarification.

  18. Kevin Cullen says:

    This would? be a good tool for polishing the hard to reach area’s. For general polishing just do it by hand and use an aggressive polish. The polish they were using looks like a final colouring polish not a 1st step polish compound. Colouring compound is for clarity or the final step.

  19. 421tigers says:

    There was no compund put on the bit, and the bowl was covered in light? dirt for the demo

  20. TheSeamonkeyStudios says:

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  21. SpeedShadow54 says:

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  22. firefoxking1972 says:

    I used? toothpaste
    Worked a treat

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