Pinewood Derby Car Designs and Tips from Dremel

Discover and learn how to make a pinewood derby car. Dremel shows you the best pinewood derby car designs and derby car tips. You can use the Dremel rotary tool to build and customize a fast derby car that will crush the competition. Be sure to follow the derby car guidelines and rules when building your car: – Your car must not exceed 7″ in length or 2 3/4″ in width – Wheels must be 1 3/4″ apart – Ground clearance must be at least 3/8″ – Your car’s weight must not exceed 5 oz in weight – No wheel bearings, bushings, springs, starting devices, or loose or moving weights or parts The most important factors when building a fast derby car are: weight, lubricant, wheels and axles. Below are pinewood derby tips to make your derby car faster. Weight: you want your pinewood derby car to be as close to the maximum weight as possible. Route out an area in your car for the weights so they are flush with the bottom of the car. Wheels: Smooth wheels mean a faster car, so sand your wheels smooth. Axles: Polish the axles to help the wheels roll smoothly. Lubrication: Dry graphite is the best lubricant for your axles. For more helpful tips like these, visit Subscribe to Lowe’s YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:

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25 Responses to Pinewood Derby Car Designs and Tips from Dremel

  1. skadar says:

    This leaves out a ton of important speed tips. But I guess that? wasn’t the point of the video, eh?

  2. CarsoChrome says:

    i’m i the only one that skipped the? safty tips?

  3. electriceel9 says:

    where do? you get the kits?!

  4. Henry92RLC says:

    You guys should head on over to CERN and get some antimatter. Who? gets my reference? Haha!

  5. poopingpenguin1 says:

    Thanks I don’t race them or do boy scours but I still like? to make them

  6. dbgirardin says:

    Great video. The only thing that an engineer friend recommended when we? made our car was to put the add-on weights in the area of the center of gravity of the car.

  7. roccotool says:

    I? thought the student had to make his own car?

  8. barbie turkowski says:

    where do you buy that? Dremel kit?

  9. 205nd says:

    @bturksmith AVAILABLE @ LOWES!?

  10. ricglos says:

    So a young (and eager) child with limited resources can get into this, and have even the remotest chance of winning? ? NICE COMMERCIAL, POOR CHILD,no chance!

  11. Lowes says:

    A link to all of our online Dremel products has been posted within the description of this video. A link to a Dremel Pinewood Derby Truck Kit has also been added.
    Thank? you for watching the Lowe’s YouTube Channel. –Lowe’s

  12. Jaakob Semken says:

    we have car competition at school? soon

  13. darthnater22 says:

    i pray those men were doing that? in the name of science

  14. kariflorable says:

    :'( I have to? make 1 by Tuesday for skol not looking forward to it

  15. Unkel Dolan says:

    hey, any idea how to get a superconducting magnet out of one of these? things?

  16. Gwen Pertell says:

    10:32 u? will need

  17. Gwen Pertell says:

    tobygames 13:00

  18. moha kal says:

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  19. melissa sims says:

    my 10 year old child has can do this! he hand saws off the first cut then uses his own dremel to shape the rest. he came in second in his scouts derby. most children don’t know how because the parents just do it for them instead of teaching them.?

  20. medicpeach says:

    Most packs will meet at the home of someone who has the tools and equipment to do the? original shaping. We have those here as well as one held at the local hardware store. Part of being in Scouts is team building, I’m sure someone in your pack has the resources. All you have to do is ask around. Someone will more than likely help you.

  21. medicpeach says:

    I agree with some of? the other posters, the “boys” in the video looked more than a little old for Cub Scouts !! The idea is to teach them about safety and how to do it! 🙂

  22. wdpn77 says:

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  23. Pa Houa Lee says:

    can? u

  24. Kirk Toman says:

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  25. scorptile1 says:

    wish i had watched this before my son made? his car for boyscouts.

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