Perfectly Cut Crown Molding

Easy 3 step process to cut crown molding perfectly everytime without using books or charts. The Cut N Crown jig lets your saw do all the work. It’s Also Made In The USA. Learn more at

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  1. patricimaimo says:

    Very good video. I watched a bunch of other videos on crown molding? and yours is the only one which answers all my questions. Thank you. BTW you have a knack for teaching in front of a camera. Do you have a tv show?

  2. felmypeto1 says:

    Excellent video! I’ve been a contractor for 30 years and I’ll admit it I forget the little important details. This gut doesn’t miss a thing and I can find? fault with about anyone but not this guy, he’s great!

  3. hummurabi2010 says:

    Wow, i dont know much about carpentry but that was solid enough for me to? understand!

  4. vivafidel says:

    you’d think that after doing carpentry? for a life time you would at least be able to spell carpenter right

  5. Eascen says:

    Why do carpenters need to spell? I know they get graded all? the time.

  6. asdffdasasde says:

    except, he is? selling “some tool”…

  7. wasaplaya55 says:

    Yeah…that’s great…I’m just a DIYer so now since I’ve blown about 3 times the money having to make my 3rd trip to the store for more crown I’m gonna just sell my tools…
    You lost me as I can’t afford your 6? mill worth of saw & accessories…Thanks again for nothing!!!

  8. Tyler Perkins says:

    The only issue with even knowing how to cope perfectly(which I? do), you still waste time. With this tool I save every minute your are spending with a coping saw in your hand. Think of the return of using this after two or three big jobs. If you are paying someone else who works with you, you have saved your time and his payroll!

  9. s37d says:

    you’re a life time carpenter? but still can’t spell carpenter, ha

  10. DJNaydee says:

    This guy is an expert presenter. He? explains in an extremely easy to learn fashion.

  11. mrumsower says:

    you don’t need any jig. all you need is years of practice. Oh you don’t have years? hire? someone who has years of experience

  12. MrChrisscopp1 says:

    carpender?? lol

  13. wiserthantomorrow says:

    LOL! Yeah, carpenters make more money than carpenders!? Give him the benefit of the doubt and just call it a typo.

  14. getbackgoodtimes says:

    This is the? way to cut crown . All you Trolls shut up !

  15. cesario17 says:


  16. Chatte23 says:

    Thank you SO MUCH!! My husband waas struggling with crown molding for weeks now, trying to understand the easiest way to cut AND fit. I found this video and show him…
    Know what? He just finished the little room we? worked on for a long time! I got a happy and proud husband !!

  17. william nichirco says:

    How? do I order one.

  18. cutncrown says:

    If you would like to buy our jig, please visit to? our web site listed above, and thanks.

  19. cutncrown says:

    Remember with crown molding it is important to have perfect cuts everytime. Our jig is one piece solid construction from some of the highest grade ridgid plastics made. Also, it has no moving parts making our jig much more sturdy than that of the others. Being sturdy means no movement when you are trying to make your cut. Our competitors do not have our broad base and they have flexing plastic that moves and is adjustable, making it? near impossible to be perfect every time!

  20. cutncrown says:

    This system works with a simple miter saw and does not need a compound sliding miter saw. The only time you would need a larger/sliding/compound miter saw is if you are working with crown molding that is approximately larger than seven inches. This larger size qualification is just a bit of a grey area when cutting crown molding, as it depends on the miter saw? model and specifications.

  21. cutncrown says:

    Number One Advantage of our original Cut-N-Crown molding jig: We are the only crown molding jig on the market today where all cuts are made from the same side of the saw. No switching your miter saw blade back and forth, which as we all know when we move? our saw blade human and mechanical error can occur. This means our accuracy and perfection cutting crown molding is unmatched by all other imitation jigs who have tried to replicate ours.

  22. Christopher Sella says:

    FINALLY!!! Something that makes? sense! Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!

  23. dreamingcode says:

    Wow great vid. I’ve been telling my wife? this since we got married, “face down bottom up!”

  24. Cali Maki says:

    To get your crown moulding at 45 degree angles on your wall just set your miter saw angle to 32 degrees and bevel to 34.8 degrees. Once you have this you either lay your crown moulding flat (face up or down). Just make a few sample cuts to determine what’s “inside right’, “inside left”, “outside right”? and “outside left”.

  25. 2setsofteeth says:

    Thank you. I’m working with crown molding for the? first time. Your system is a great way to start!

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