Micro Mini Disc Sander – DIY Dremel Sanding Disc

In this video, I modify a Dremel Cutoff Disc into a 1.25 inch stationary sanding disc for sanding small flat surfaces such as the inlaid jewelry pieces I’ve been working on. With my homemade disc, I can easily peel off the sandpaper and change grits without even removing it from the Dremel. The evolution of my semi-homemade mini disc sander has now moved into the micro mini realm! I started out modifying my little 3″ grinder in an earlier video and that eventually led to this “AH HA!” moment when I realized the Dremel was the better tool for the job.

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11 Responses to Micro Mini Disc Sander – DIY Dremel Sanding Disc

  1. Mama Gina LaMonte says:

    You absolutely inspired me … and the sticky dots were what? I needed to make it all come together. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. the1000expert says:

    I? have no idea what the point of this video is…..geez

  3. riseabuv says:

    Thank you, Mama Gina! ? I appreciate the feedback!

  4. chrissg01 says:

    just wanted to say thanks .. the idea is so simple till it makes you wanna slap your forehead and say “now, why didn’t I think of that”.

    like what someone? mentioned the cutting can’t take pressure on the face, so there is a chance of it breaking off and being a dangerous projectile. I adapted your idea by using acrylic, shaped to a 1.5 inch disc , glued on craft foam, and used double sided tape to stick my sandpaper.

    while my cutting wasn’t straight, the sanding disc helped made it look per

  5. iiinsaiii says:

    Really cool idea. Two? thumbs up.

  6. Rory Davenport says:

    thats really dangerous! you cant put ANY pressure on the side of a cut off disk especially when is spinning in that direction. something flying? like that will cut you

  7. IZ4U2nJOY says:

    I like? it. Dremal is wondering “why didn’t we do that” awesome!! 2 thumbs up. 😉

  8. Drummer17Dude1 says:

    You really don’t know much do you? ? Dont attach stuff to cut off wheels. Noob

  9. Drummer17Dude1 says:

    But, I have to? say that’s pretty cool

  10. nyetloki says:

    White? glue. Won’t eat the foam.

  11. nyetloki says:

    Oh, and dremel has a new thing. EZ411SA, EZ412SA, EZ413SA, sanding discs for? the ez-lock tool, exactly what you need.

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