Making a Drinking Glass out of a Whiskey Bottle using a Dremel Diamond Wheel

Walker uses a Dremel 545 Diamond Wheel accessory to cut a glass bottle, allowing it to be reused as a drinking glass. Then he uses a Dremel 83142 Silicon Car…

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11 Responses to Making a Drinking Glass out of a Whiskey Bottle using a Dremel Diamond Wheel

  1. nkwheaton says:

    Did you die? I? sure hope not. Wait… How did I get here?

  2. anaraug says:

    I don’t think so. Lemme check? … yeah, I’m alive.

  3. Saoldric says:

    amusing, i dont think ive ever laughed at an instructable video. Most people usually edit the screw ups or do a test run but its? what made your video unique. I enjoyed learning with you, keep it up.

  4. frizstyler says:

    lmao to remove the paper you just have to sink the glass into hot water dude… and don’t smoke that glass powder,you need a mask when doing this.? wtf

  5. RebelmediaIncSA says:

    Use 2000 grit water paper? and wetsand the edges to achieve a glossy finish..

  6. tpyo23 says:

    To get labels off easily, pull them? off and then apply a little WD40 or similar petroleum based lubricant – it dissolves the glue and simply rubs off.

  7. gohstdog23 says:

    This? is cool ,thanks .

  8. MjrTom2009 says:

    haha great video – thanks for that (and please use personal protective gear next? time)

  9. Loni Carr says:

    This gave me such a good chuckle. I loved how you just tried it. And you did not? die, that was a big plus!

  10. SKYLANDBAK says:

    You need? to stop drinking the whiskey.It makes a man do silly things 😉 Oh yeah,glass dust will rot your lungs quicker than the whiskey destroys your liver.I’ll pray for you 🙂

  11. richmond litchfield says:

    your enthusiasm is remarkable, but to? what end.

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