Jordan Straker Carving with Dremel tools

Jordan Straker uses a Dremel rotary tool with a variety of attachments to add detailing to a carving of a knapsack.

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  1. liamsss2 says:

    first? one

  2. wenyicvs says:

    I noticed the cut off wheel cause a lot of? burning of the wood. Is that a concern?

  3. elvis459 says:

    That is smoke, I? have used these wheels to cut into wood on many occasions and they always burn the wood. You can see it left a blackened cut in the wood.

  4. rubynjord says:

    Yes, it does burn and that is part of the reason I use it – it digs as well as colors? areas such as this. The metal reinforcement provides safety that it won’t shatter.

  5. Dremel410 says:

    Yes, this is smoke. Usually, when cutting into wood, we would recommend the 543/or? EZ544. The fiberglass reinforced wheel being used in the video is usually used to cut metal (and designed to do so).

  6. the1000expert says:

    I would have to take off the tag on the flex shaft.? Just gets in the way.

  7. Dremel410 says:

    @mrswails We believe? it’s the 732 Dremel rotary tool

  8. Robert M Zammit says:

    what called name this wood? ?

  9. KASweetman says:

    What’s worse?? A dremel to the eye or the scrotum?

  10. alohachristine says:

    Thanks so much. Very? interesting!!

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