Jewelry Making: Non-Toxic Patina on Brass Stampings Part Two

Now you’ve baked your brass and even put verdigris on some of it…..but it just doesn’t look finished. It’s not! You need to get the salt debris off the pieces, buff them up, put some highlights into your piece, make the verdigris even and good-looking. B’sue uses a variety of simple tools to achieve a great vintage look on raw brass, and in this video she demonstrates using a buff rag, Scotch Brite (greenie pad) and the Dremel tool, and finishes by sealing with Renaissance Wax. The method is simple, and you’ll be a pro in no time, finishing your own brass in this fun and eco-friendly style. All the raw brass used in this video is sold at, along with the Renaissance Wax sealant.

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6 Responses to Jewelry Making: Non-Toxic Patina on Brass Stampings Part Two

  1. hoo1282hoo1282hoo128 says:

    love your? video did you even make Brass Stampings??

  2. 4skeleton2ofsociety0 says:

    i love your video tutorials.. keep them coming!?

  3. gypsymoonjewelry says:

    Thanks!? Very helpful video.

  4. CuriousMaree says:

    WOW… U R a Wealth of? Information !!!
    Thank U for Sharing generously… :o}

  5. Tara Rex says:

    Do? you know how to make brass black? I want to blacken my brass jewelry very dark.

  6. Beadinmomy says:

    Love this look! You’ll have to show us the? finished pieces.

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