Installing Crown Moulding – TRIMROC Installation Video Installing Crown Moulding has never been easier. TRIMROC is a lightweight product which makes it easy to cut smoothly with a handsaw and it goes up in a flash with joint compound. No coping, no tricky angles, and ragged joints disappear with a dab of mud. Capture the charm of traditional plaster mouldings with TRIMROC Interior Plaster Mouldings. Constructed from a high-density polystyrene base, a cementitious basecoat and a revolutionary, smooth acrylic plaster finish, TRIMROC Interior Plaster Mouldings offer many features and benefits for new construction or renovation projects. TRIMROC is a registered trademark of CANAMOULD EXTRUSIONS INC. For more information visit us at http

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8 Responses to Installing Crown Moulding – TRIMROC Installation Video

  1. gavron79 says:

    Dzi?ki za? to video 🙂

  2. DIYng2Live says:

    Thank? you!

  3. 4x12 says:

    what a mess…. lol?

  4. Soupynuts420 says:

    Barf? fail

  5. JasonReview says:

    How is this easier? It’s a? damn mess.

  6. laz2721 says:

    this is suppose to be? easier???

  7. Kevin F says:

    Kidding? right? Joint compound for adheasive. People…come on. This is a joke.

  8. Duncan Aitchison says:

    He means drywall adhesive? or for the American audience Mud!

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