Installing Crown Moulding – Décor Moulding (Toronto)

Crown molding adds a touch of elegance to a room. Before installing, make practice cuts to gain confidence. Choose from a wide array of products to beautifully accent your home; curved casings, backbands, crowns, corner blocks, hand rails, baseboards, doorstops, tongue and groove, combinations and panel mouldings. Having trouble choosing the right product for your project? Our friendly, courteous sales staff is always read to help. Download our richly illustrated full color quick reference guide or view our products online. Do you have special needs? Use our custom Millshop Services to get exactly what you want delivered to your shop or worksite. Now you can use our online ordering system to purchase products via the Internet. * * * * * * * 1-866-DECOR (33267)-11 * 905-612-1400

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7 Responses to Installing Crown Moulding – Décor Moulding (Toronto)

  1. gérard Rondeau says:

    belle? vidéo (méthode de pose par clouage).

  2. donatospoony says:

    I have applied thousands of feet of crown, and this video is quite good. I don’t use a protractor but have many procedures to get perfect results. Trust me I’ve made lots of bad cuts and scratched my head quite a few times. One Hugh tip I can recommend is having two labeled scrap pcs by the saw, one with a left and and a right inside corner, and one piece with a left and a right out side corner cut on each? side. Label them and I Gaurantee that sacraficing this 2 feet of material will pay o


    I just wanted to say whoever put this together did a great job of making things clear and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time. You saved me a lot of potential headaches and wasted time.


  4. CaptBenSisko says:

    This is the best video i’ve seen so far on how to install crown molding for a beginnier like myself. Other videos don’t show the “why” in why things are done a certain way when doing? the install. This video does that.

  5. regene hold borlasa says:

    what du you that folding? roller. that measured 45′

  6. MiOpinionmatterrs says:

    You may have applied thousands? of feet of crown but your grammar and spelling is quite frankly atrocious. Maybe u should take a good long hard look at yourself OK!

  7. goldiegoo says:

    thanks for the video it has helped a lot?

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