Installing Crown Molding on a Cabinet

Nothing dresses up a cabinet like crown molding. The best way to fasten the molding is with glue and brad nails. Check out these tricks for keeping your crown molding installation neat and professional looking.

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12 Responses to Installing Crown Molding on a Cabinet

  1. oneminutechange says:

    nice job, nice advice.
    But I was wondering, how do you cover the heads of those pin-nails so they? would blend in? Don’t they stand out when you stain the surface?

  2. noahandgabrielsmum says:

    Fantastic adhesive, Titebond !
    My favourite choice. Any surplus run-off, just? wait and leave and then very carefully pare off. Hardly any staining at all.

  3. BackyardWoodworking says:

    Good? video

  4. wwgoaeditor says:

    It may take a tiny bit of putty, but often you can push on the wood with your fingers a little and? the fibers will form right over the top of the pin hole.

  5. Jon Jon says:

    Do you have a video of putting? together the gussetts or w/e they’re called?

  6. danielross85 says:

    Mr. Vondriska, do you work with products like 2p-10 often?
    I’m curious about your? opinion on such products

  7. MrCaboola says:

    Can you go over what angles you set the miter saw at to get? the crown molding to fit just right?

  8. wwgoaeditor says:

    I use CA glues like 2P 10 all the time. Very useful. CA glue offers the advantage of curing very quickly, but doesn’t have the shear strength of yellow? or white glue.

  9. wwgoaeditor says:

    No, no video? on the gussets. But they’re simple…just brackets cut at the spring angle of the crown molding, fastened to the top of the cabinet.

  10. wwgoaeditor says:

    I set the saw at 45-degrees and hold the crown against the fence and table at the same angle at which it will be? installed.

  11. mrmvfalcon says:

    Thank you for posting such a great video. I’m installing crown molding on my cabinets and? want to add a “staggered” effect and I’m using 4″ wide molding. How would I secure a riser/ filler to the top of the cabinet to creat that look?

    Also, exactly how did you secure those gussets to the cabinet? Did you just glue them or nail them from the bottom?

  12. emiliohernandez1982 says:

    Gracias x subir los vĂ­deos me an servido mucho me encanta verlos? gracias

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