Installing Crown Molding

Installing crown molding is easy with a few tips. Tim Carter shares some tips to make installing crown molding easy. It really can be simple to get perfect cuts each time. Sign up NOW for Tim’s FREE weekly newsletter at:

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14 Responses to Installing Crown Molding

  1. potpie55 says:

    I think I am going to try this? on my own now. I just bought a compound miter box

  2. AsktheBuilder says:

    Good for you! There was no need to buy? a compound miter saw. Be sure to watch all of my crown-molding videos. Let us know how the job turns out.

  3. potpie55 says:

    I already bought the saw…? 🙂 All I really needed was an excuse…

  4. carnagebeatz says:

    HAHAHA, if it? were only this easy….

  5. AsktheBuilder says:

    It? is my friend

  6. carnagebeatz says:

    yea, im sure it is, if you are a builder or have been doing carpentry for 20 years…for the average homeowner.. not so much. Ive been fighting crown for some time now. What they neglect to say is that the key to installing crown is all in the method of installation (nailing the middle first, leaving the ends loose for fitment) There is a reason there are so many? guids to installing crown, because its not that easy for the newbie. Just my opinion from experience.

  7. FeFe Tal says:

    this is how to cut the moulding not install, i want to know how to make it look good once up! there are gaps either along? the bottom or top and against my corner pieces. is paintable caulk the answer or nailing it in tightter???

  8. AsktheBuilder says:

    Spackle it….. and caulk where? needed.

  9. yougotfrog says:

    The only problem is what do you do with finished wood crown moulding? Calking and spakleing is not an option as we have to make? it look as flawless because of the finished wood. We had no problem with MDF or painted crown before because we could “fix” the flaws with spackle and caulk…but what do you do with Cherry wood finished crown? YIKES!

  10. AsktheBuilder says:

    Simple. Cut it the way I show? in my Crown Molding Ebook. You can make perfect cuts in prefinished material.

  11. helliott123 says:

    compund mitre saw is alot safer to use, for crown, because you can lay the? molding flat on the table. holding the wood at an angle on the saw is not very safe.

  12. AsktheBuilder says:

    That’s not entirely true. What’s more, not everyone can afford an expensive compound miter saw that is intended? for this specialized use.

  13. helliott123 says:

    yes its entirely true. if someone? dosen’t have access to the proper tools to do a job safely then they shouldn’t do the job at all. compund miter saws are expensive but reattaching a finger cost more.

  14. AsktheBuilder says:

    Let’s go backwards. First, you can safely use a regular miter saw as I show by clamping the wood to the fence, clamping a stop on the saw table, etc. So there is a way to cut with the wood without risk of losing a finger. And if you can get access to national accident data, I’m quite sure that you’ll discover that compound saw you seem to like so much is a very dangerous tool.? Hundreds, if not thousands, of fingers have probably been cut off by compound miter saws.

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