Installing cabinet crown molding

A few cabinet crown molding installation tips.

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11 Responses to Installing cabinet crown molding

  1. dukesdiscovery says:

    Take? off the clunky tool belt, you’re gonna scratch the cabinets!

  2. brooklyner12 says:

    Still a puzzle for me about HOW you have cut the FIRST piece? of the crown molding that has been already attached to the corner cabinet ? Looks like the angle is 135 degree inside corner. How you did it ?

  3. craig swanson says:

    The first piece that is already nailed up is cut the same way except the saw is set at 22 and half degrees because the cabs are at 45% angle at? that point.

  4. peter chapurtinov says:

    you? forgot to glue it!!!!!!

  5. Pat DeAlva says:

    by the time u jump on the cabinet scratch it with your bulky bags and mesure i could have done the whole kitchen ha? ha

  6. Corey Cyr says:

    I remember the first time i cut crown? moulding and thought i new what i was doing, lmao

  7. Corey Cyr says:

    ps. if i saw you cutting crown like that with a tool belt on climbing all over my cabinets, i would tell you to pack your shit. the best part of this video is when it ended. You got to love these guys who say i run a custom cabinet shop, but realy its? because they couldnt hold a job working for anyone else

  8. The000007777 says:

    this guy now’s his work..this is not a video for burger? king workers so stop saying crap

  9. craig swanson says:

    Gee’s, Corey Cyr you sound too angry to be a good carpenter.
    Duke- That is not a toolbelt. Those are pants with carpenter pockets by BlackLadder or something close to that from Germany. I love them.
    Yes Peter you are exactly right I forgot to glue the joint which is a rule for every joint, but this was a one take shot and I did not want to waste time redoing it even after I realized? I did not glue the joint.

  10. M Alves says:

    Thanks for the video and don’t let rude and negative comments keep you from making another? one.

  11. MrMixmasterslick says:

    I never seen anyone use the saw in such an inaccurate way. Cut upside down and use both tables, don’t just eye it and think its good. Why not cut returns first or hold just below crown and mark? Never? tape any of them, other then that fantastic job. End result looks good.

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