How to use a dremel on opals and opal carvings. By black opal direct

Learn how how to dremel and carve opal with ease by Jurgen Thomas the father of Justin from Black Opal Direct. He will Teach you in simple terms how it all w…

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13 Responses to How to use a dremel on opals and opal carvings. By black opal direct

  1. ljubicic1967 says:

    would be nice to see some of the carvings from? your father

  2. cameron E says:

    gday justin! i think we are the luckiest of men your Father is a real craftsman like? mine accept he builds model aircraft.I would love to see more of your fathers work! ive just started working with some of my Opal rough i bought 1 of these 4′ 360 grit sintered diamond wheels ,ive set it up on a low RPM sharpening grinder works really well.So far using a dremel for me has been quite successful just need to use more water not so much pressure as it can put cracks in the Opal. Take Care

  3. blackopaldirect says:

    Thanks for the kind words. With the cintered wheels you will need to use more water than you think. Otherwise you will wear out the wheels in no time. Also It is mostly the heat that is cracking the opal when it goes dry. But if your cutting? Ethiopian opal it will crack when you least expect it in water or out. 🙂

  4. Plurabella says:

    Thant was such a cool video.:) That frog is fabulous! Thanks for sharing it.?

  5. blackopaldirect says:

    You are welcome? ..

  6. adornmentstotreasure says:

    I’ve bought a good parcel of opal with a lot of fire that I’ve been wanting to work on but didn’t have the machinery to do so. I knew there was a way to use a dremel? tool but didn’t quite know how to use it, so I was happy to come across your video showing how. Your dad is awesome and you’re not to bad yourself =0)

  7. Sara Quist says:

    Great video. Thank you!

  8. IamJaneS says:

    I have been trying to find a reason to buy a Dremel, I’ve just found it! Thanks for an informative video.? Am just literally starting out myself (mid life crisis!!), so am loving all your videos. Thanks for sharing yours and dads skills. Your dad rocks! (he really needs to stop biting his nails though, lol =) )

  9. carot2003 says:

    Thanks.? Interesting and helpful..

  10. Colorfulcoralforest says:

    Hello I was wondering what grits he uses I also use a dermal and I have sanded all the rock off and? now I don’t know what to use…

  11. terry francis says:

    love your love for your dd,.,.soo? cool,.,.,and contagious ……..

  12. terry francis says:


  13. Charles Randolph says:

    Where do you get the ploish to polish the stones?

    Well thanks for? your time…

    ~ Charles

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