How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails Without Cutting

Using a Dremel tool to trim your dogs nails is fast and easy and avoids painful cutting of the sensitive tissues inside the dogs nails. See lots more how-to and DIY info at

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25 Responses to How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails Without Cutting

  1. kwikshowmehow2 says:

    Turn your volume up – or look? at the red light at the beginning of the video indicating the machine IS on – maybe a hearing aid or some glasses might help you.

  2. kwikshowmehow2 says:

    You can buy similar? items at pet stores, but this tool – which is stronger – is available at hardware stores.

  3. nataliawasilewska97 says:

    is it? hot??????

  4. kwikshowmehow2 says:

    The friction of? the spinning sand paper drum causes heat. Don’t hold it to the nail for too long or push too hard.

  5. geedunk13 says:

    I got the pedi paws or something. How can I get my dog use to? it? He is like a baby

  6. kwikshowmehow2 says:

    It just takes? patience and repitition. He’ll get used to the feeling soon.

  7. metalmorgan says:

    How do you avoid? hitting the quick?

  8. kwikshowmehow2 says:

    I miss the quick by not trimming too much at a time. Better that I call the dog back in a few days and do a? little more, than to do too much.

  9. imcrime says:

    Another awesome thing you can do with a? dremel. Nice tips!

  10. BluePringlez says:

    i recently got? the pedi paws and he is unsure of it so i wanted to know how to train him to get used to it

  11. kwikshowmehow2 says:

    Start out by turning on the machine and holding his paw but do NOT try to trim the nails the first few times. Just touch the machine to his paw/nails – NOT the sanding part – and tell him how good he is for not jumping. Once he knows the tool is not going to hurt him, and that you want him to behave a certain way, then go ahead and start actually trimming his nails.? Good luck!

  12. BluePringlez says:

    I did do that but he’s been trying to run away. I prase him with? his favorite meat but when i give it he runs far away from me afterwords.. D= Its very frustrating

  13. JiveDadson says:

    You wouldn’t say, “for he.” You wouldn’t say, “for I.” ? “For he and I” HURTS MY EARS!

  14. Amidammarru says:

    Charlie Brown! :D?

  15. southerns8 says:

    You could try buying a THICK emeryboard. The one’s that we buy for our nails.
    It may take longer but you wont have to use? the dremel tool.

  16. Chuchen says:

    At what RPM do you run the? Dremel?

  17. kwikshowmehow2 says:

    We use it at a little over half-speed as a rule. Don’t want it? running too fast as it generates heat that might burn the dog’s foot.

  18. orangebowl79 says:

    I have a basset hound with very long black nails, I dont think this will help? The sand paper would be wore out after a? few nails? any ideas?

  19. Weasel4103 says:

    just saw this in another video and was a bit shocked, please wet their feet beforehand and? keep it to a low setting.

  20. LeNikkiB says:

    I wished? vets or dog grooming places in my area cut my mini poodles like that… I tell them to cut their nails and they look the same! Irritates the heck out of me.


    that’s a great dog.. most dogs pull and pull, trying to get their paw out of the position? to get trimmed!!

  22. Diana Prince says:

    i wish i could get my puppy to stay.i feel like i bought the pedicure kit for nothing? smh

  23. DTOWNXVIXXII says:

    try putting cotton in your puppies ears while using the dremel grinder it helps block out the sound of? the tool which will help to not sacre your puppy and keep him calm an still

  24. Diana Prince says:

    thank you so much,and happy? new year

  25. AmericanBulldogRocky says:

    Glad to see you have the right idea. People that? use any other method than this should not own pets. check out my video, usually he wont even bother to lift his head! Lotsa love from me + Rocky. = )

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