How to Remove a screw with a stripped head, Using a Dremel

A quick and easy tutorial showing you guys how to remove a scre that has a stripped or worn out head. Royalty free music from:

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23 Responses to How to Remove a screw with a stripped head, Using a Dremel

  1. pussytastegood1 says:

    I got a dremel today, it corded and it only cost $128 with? flexible shaft

  2. rbjester says:

    hey man,? awesome vid, this totally works! i used a small metal saw i found around the house. you saved me! 🙂

  3. Lauraine Neal says:

    Dude you are brilliant! From the? mouth of babes to my ears! You rock!!1

  4. ayirra1 says:

    Man, why didn’t I think of this! Pure genius. And to think…I was prepared to go out? and buy an extractor kit. Thanks for saving me a little money and time. Great explanation in your video also.

  5. erikdravn says:

    Great? tip!!! Thanks!

  6. ashesoneeight says:

    I have a? problem…My exhaust header allen screw is stripped.I cant use pliers because of the lack of space cant use a dremel because of the angle, Its an os max .12.Its really pissing me off…Some body any body pleeeeease help with some suggestions.

  7. TheBisexualKid1 says:

    tried looking for vids for a? gameboy this may be the most helpful vid i have see.
    i will try it a little later in the day if i cannot find anything else. 😛
    thanks for the help. :3

  8. The0rangePanda says:

    Wow your Youtube name is really? fucking gay

  9. Louloudito says:

    Hi mate, I had the same idea with yours but my problem is that the position of the screw wont allow me to use that disc and I was actually searching for a drill like tip that would help me do the same thing? without breaking. Any ideas?

  10. Kevin Pinto says:

    wow!? thanks mate!

  11. andy t says:

    Great? video. Thanks. But what if the screw is counter sunk?

  12. Javier Navarro says:

    pause at 0:00 and a half

  13. TheBisexualKid1 says:

    wow thanks a lot?
    not like i dont have? a soul or anything.

  14. The0rangePanda says:

    Get the fuck? out of here you faggot

  15. hi2uplz says:

    Everything? is better with an accent.

  16. Nick H says:

    Oi wat part of auz? u from

  17. puertoricanboy2008 says:

    Sorry but this was not? helpful. It was late at night and I was trying to put in my air conditioning. The wall has a hole where the air conditioning goes but you need to remove the screws with the part that covers the hole. This is my first time at my new apartment using my air conditioning but I don’t have power tools and don’t have a ton of money to go out and buy them. Plus stores are closed at this hour 🙁

  18. brushlessmicrot says:

    HAHA you are loosening the same screw as me well? motor screw on RC but mine is electric i need to try this haha

  19. thedeathwar says:

    how do you deal with star head screws when it is? stripped?

  20. Charlene Anderson says:

    Found this video, made my husband watch it (who had been struggling for hours to remove a screw from a camera tripod) and within 5 minutes (3 of which were spent finding the Dremel) he had the offending screw out. Thanks so much for? a great video.

  21. douglasthedjw says:

    Thx? bri

  22. Sebastian Rivera says:

    will this? work with the iphones screws?

  23. chrisg4161 says:

    Very helpful!!! Thank you!! Out of the ten or so videos I watched, yours makes the most sense and saves from? having to replace the screw! Thanks again!!!!

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