How to remove a lock cylinder with a dremel type tool

Proxxon IB/E tool chews through a basic Tri-Circle padlock. I am using a Proxxon Tungsten Carbide burr: Part number 28760. This kind of approach can be used when a lock cylinder is totally jammed and can’t be opened by any other standard locksmith methods.

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22 Responses to How to remove a lock cylinder with a dremel type tool

  1. pinhead1304 says:

    thats? a nice bit of kit

  2. mepickulongtime says:

    Oh yes, Dremel tools are loud, and not that powerful. Proxxon only has 100w of? power but it just is more powerful somehow, german quality i think 🙂

  3. analyzingfunny says:

    now? THATS a lock pick

  4. mepickulongtime says:


  5. ItalianTools says:

    the name of this music? Please

  6. ItalianTools says:

    Nice bruteforce? tutorial

  7. mepickulongtime says:

    Thank you? 🙂

  8. Jerzeecanuck says:

    Bolt cutters? would be faster & less messy.

  9. mattbigmonster says:

    Cordless drill + 8mm? HSS bit. 5 second job…

  10. Steve Matsi says:

    That’s like a dremel on crack…I takes me hours to get a core out with mine…?

  11. mepickulongtime says:

    Proxxon tools are? quite powerful 🙂

  12. mepickulongtime says:

    Drill can’t bypass? drilling protection if it exists.

  13. mepickulongtime says:

    @MERCURHILLMANIAC If? i had one, i would use that yes 😀

  14. mepickulongtime says:

    this works? with standard door locks too smartass 🙂

  15. mepickulongtime says:

    this works with standard door? locks too smartypants 🙂

  16. mso192 says:

    umm… okay I’ll bite, what is the point? of this?

  17. mepickulongtime says:

    If the lock cylinder is totally jammed, this method can be used to break the lock. Obviously you wouldn’t use this method on a? padlock, this is just a demonstration 🙂

  18. Dinh Nguyen says:


  19. tommygunz341 says:

    Hammer one hit?

  20. lockmonkey1 says:

    lol my milwaukee tool does a great job of this also :), oh and not just? my cordless grinder LOL

  21. DataRascal says:

    I’d like to know the name of the drill bit used in your? video?

  22. TheMaunzi says:

    proxxon has got pretty cool stuff, could you? explain the difference between this device and the micromot 50 ef (hope thats the correct english word)?

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