How To Prepare And Use a Dremel Tool (Great for miniature dollhouse projects)

This tutorial shows how to prepare and use a dremel tool. Thanks to dad for helping! Here is the dremel site for all kinds of products that they offer.

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25 Responses to How To Prepare And Use a Dremel Tool (Great for miniature dollhouse projects)

  1. MsMiniLover says:

    HAHAHAHA he felt so strange doing the tutorial at? first

  2. Cre8tiveBabe says:

    Camera shy? LOL

  3. rdelgado9111 says:

    thanks was really helpful…

  4. ladymuck2 says:

    great? thanks

  5. RickyCollarZ says:

    I found this Tutorial very helpful thanks. No One at? The Home Depot knew had to use it. lol

  6. MsMiniLover says:

    OMG at? HOME DEPOT! You would think of all people lol!

  7. RickyCollarZ says:

    LOL, yea, I ended up going to another Home Depot for what I needed. I’m Posting Tutorials of what I’m Using My Dremmel For. I saw Your Pumpkin Carvings. Theyre Pretty Neat. I did a really cool Jack the Skeleton carving two years ago.? So many people told me to try to preserve it but it didnt last to long. lol

  8. Kobe29261 says:

    You two are an awesome team!? You add to my love of the internet and youtube!

  9. MsMiniLover says:

    Thanks so much! He had to? teach me how to use it lol!

  10. monsterpete1 says:

    Do? you love everything that is mini?

  11. MsMiniLover says:

    I’m not sure how to reply? to this question.

  12. wolfbyte47 says:

    Thanks to Dad for helping. We use ours to make windows fit, cut off long screws, sand shingles straight, etc. Thnks fo all the videos the ar real helpful.?

  13. MsMiniLover says:

    Yea! I love using it for the odd mini jobs! You are very welcome for the vidoes. I really enjoy doing them!? Have a great holiday!

  14. yubidubi says:

    Twenty years ago, my? father should me how to use my 1st Dremel for dollhouse miniatures.

  15. yubidubi says:

    You? are very talented and I enjoy your videos

  16. MsMiniLover says:

    Thanks so? much! I don’t think I would keep making them if people like you didn’t appreciate them. Thanks again!

  17. starscream1812 says:

    can i ask, i am first timw user my mom gave me a dremel for my prodject and i was wonding how do i fix the drill bit in the dremel where it won’t move around? while it is in opertion thanks need help, (project is make a pair of Kamina Glasses or Sunglasses out of plexiglass) thanks let me know ask me anything tell me anything that would help me

  18. MsMiniLover says:

    What is wrong with? that part? Is it stuck? Could you give me more detail? Thanks.

  19. starscream1812 says:

    i m sorry that i was not clear on was i was saying the piece that holds the? bit in, is that piece got to be tight before you use the tool or i have to have the right collet for the bit thanks

  20. MsMiniLover says:

    Yes, that needs to be tight. A? small wrench came with it that tightens it up.

  21. JHOVA1780 says:

    This video is? great

  22. MsMiniLover says:


  23. leeandbeahinton says:

    but you’ve left the TV on…yada,? yada, yada,yada..

  24. 34fy says:

    This video is awesome! it really helped me out! keep it up.

  25. MsMiniLover says:


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