How to Paint & Prepare New Crown Molding (Part 2)

Subscribe to my 2nd Painting Channel! Like me on Facebook! My Website! Follow Me on Twitter! https Follow me on Pinterest! How to Paint & Prepare New Crown Molding (Part 2) In this video, I demonstrate how to fill the Nail Holes in the Crown Molding. I use a 1 inch flexible Blade to fill the holes with a product made by DAP – Drydex Spackling and Nail Hole Filler. Interior painting tips

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25 Responses to How to Paint & Prepare New Crown Molding (Part 2)

  1. Russ Olinatz says:

    appreciate? it!

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    Thank you!?

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  5. Russ Olinatz says:

    Thanks? Krysia!

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    Thanks for noticing and I appreciate your words of encouragement.?

  7. Lirimm Rexha says:

    Do u get paid for the work u do?
    btw? amazing video.

  8. Russ Olinatz says:

    ? I appreciate your comment!

  9. Slaigat says:

    I like? it 😛

  10. Slaigat says:

    I? like it 😛

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  12. alexsk8rFBofficialcn says:


  13. mg21ify says:

    You are? truly a master at your craft!

  14. Russ Olinatz says:

    Thank? you!

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  20. marciapetit says:

    hi friend !?

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  22. celestenadal says:

    Hi Russ. What do you use to fill nail holes? or scratches for varnished molding?

  23. Russ Olinatz says:

    Hello again! Try using the MINWAX? FILLER SCRATCH NAIL HOLE PENCIL. It’s Great for touch-ups and it fixes minor imperfections, nail holes and cracks.

  24. Mazz1313 says:

    Use glazing compound – once.?

  25. Russ Olinatz says:


    Thanks for commenting and sharing your insight! In my opinion, Glazing compound takes a long time to cure especially before painting. I prefer to Spackle the nail holes two times and sand, prime over and apply the finish paint. I know its more work, but its the only way to ensure a totally smooth surface and? You will not see 1 nail hole, not one.


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