How to Paint & Prepare New Crown Molding (Part 1)

Subscribe to my 2nd Painting Channel! Like me on Facebook! My Website! Follow Me on Twitter! https Follow me on Pinterest! How to Paint & Prepare New Crown Molding (Part 1) In this video, I demonstrate how to Caulk Newly Installed Crown Molding. I am using a caulk called Big Stretch. Interior painting and brush tips

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21 Responses to How to Paint & Prepare New Crown Molding (Part 1)

  1. Gregory Clapp says:

    I have just stumbled across your videos, and I would like to thank you for them. They are the best instructional material in the field which I have seen, and it is a pleasure to watch the quality of your workmanship. I am in Australia, and just planning a? home renovation. If it works out to be as good as the examples you have shown I will be delighted. Best wishes, Greg.

  2. Russ Olinatz says:

    thanks greg. I love seeing my info being received across the globe. But beware, there are many better than me! Thanks for ur? comment and Like!

  3. aaaa7777aaaa1 says:

    thanks for the video. I? like much, again thanks.

  4. artsroofing1 says:

    I have been painting for 26 yrs now. And I have heard many people say ” painting is easy” and I have seen there work and anything is easy if you really dont know what your doing. You my friend. I can say never have I seen anyone pay so much attention to detail. I am here to say painting is hard work its the final phase of all the hard work you put into after build your walls,? putting up sheet rock, texture and then trim. So in the end you want to make it look good. And you are a craftsman!

  5. Russ Olinatz says:

    Thanks Art! Your 26 years of experience has certainly made you knowledgeable in this final phase. Painting is the last phase and I always want it to look its best. I have seen many beautiful homes ruined by crummy paint jobs and have grown tired of it.? The techniques that I am offering, i HOPE, will assure better looking finishes across the globe.

  6. Russ Olinatz says:


  7. Russ Olinatz says:

    Thanks Jay! I really appreciate the? Share!

  8. aaaa7777aaaa1 says:

    You’re welcome!?

  9. jhi1947 says:

    Good stuff….. Thanx? for uploading this.

  10. Russ Olinatz says:


  11. Russ Olinatz says:


  12. alexsk8rFBofficialcn says:

    nice? video, nice channel 🙂

  13. alexsk8rFBofficialcn says:

    nice video, nice? channel 🙂

  14. Russ Olinatz says:


  15. Russ Olinatz says:

    thank you!?

  16. Russ Olinatz says:

    thank? you very much!

  17. mariakal50 says:

    Very telling about all things related to the renovation of the apartment. Russ? thank you and best regards 🙂 Maria.

  18. Russ Olinatz says:

    How? did you make out with the renovation Greg?

  19. Gregory Clapp says:

    I don’t even own the property yet Russ, so the renovations are still a while off. I was hoping to be in possession by Easter, butI? think it is still a month away. I’ve been watching your videos and enjoying them They will all still be there when the work starts. Greg

  20. qirky2010 says:

    I agree with Greg wholeheartedly. My husband slipped a disc three months ago and has been unable to complete our redecorating and renovating, so I stepped up to the plate for him. I searched through quite a lot of how to videos for plastering but yours are by far the best!! My hubby and his friends could not believe the finish I had on my plaster work. Keep posting more videos because your style and method of instruction are excellent. Keep up the? good work, TraycM.

  21. Russ Olinatz says:

    HI TraycM- A thousand thanks for comment and for your support! I am happy my videos have helped you take care of your own? renovating needs.

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