How to open a lock ( destructively ) with a dremel type tool

I had one of these Abloy knock off’s laying around and i was curious to find out that could the Proxxon IB/E crack it open. The anti drilling plate works effectively against drilling, but it doesn’t stand a chance when you use a grinder and a tungsten carbide burr. The drill plate is a pretty hard material even in this knock off lock. My carbide burr took some serious hits when filming this!!!

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11 Responses to How to open a lock ( destructively ) with a dremel type tool

  1. ACCSESS247 says:

    A superb bit of kit, I have been looking into buying one ever since I saw your other video. It looks more fun than a pair of 48 inch bolt croppers. Another excellent video, keep up the? good work m8.

  2. mepickulongtime says:

    So much fun 🙂 Have? to get some new burrs though…

  3. pinhead1304 says:

    where did you buy? it?

  4. mepickulongtime says:

    These are sold? by model making shops and some hardware stores. Google proxxon ib/e / proxxon tools and you will find them.

  5. mepickulongtime says:

    Ok, i’ll have to try? that.

  6. CensorshipFTL says:

    This music is really over the top for? this video. Decent vid though.

  7. mepickulongtime says:

    This is just a demonstration. I can’t really get pin tumbler cylinders that easy since all locks are pretty much abloy here? 🙂

  8. THECRAZIES0666 says:

    Looks like fun. Would it have been? faster with a cut 0ff weal?

  9. themaxx69 says:

    Why do people put videos like this? here for the world to see? All it does is help and create criminals.

  10. mepickulongtime says:

    I don’t agree with you. This type of method is not practical for thiefs. Why? The grinder/grinding makes a lot? of noise and it takes way too long. This same grinder + battery pack was sold by a locksmith shop for locksmiths.

  11. themaxx69 says:

    If you have a legit reason to break? a lock, why not just hit it giant bolt cutters or a angle grinder?

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