How to Make Shell Jewellery with the Dremel 300 series multi tool

Use up all those shells you collected from the beach on holiday by transforming them into stunning accessories. Corinne Bradd shows Kate Hemmings how to turn simple shells into professional looking pieces of jewellery, hung from cord and embellished with beads. All with the Dremel Rotary tool.

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22 Responses to How to Make Shell Jewellery with the Dremel 300 series multi tool

  1. digsart says:

    AMAZING! Thank you my luvies! ????

  2. sharlicious123 says:

    i`ve? always wanted to do that,thanks,all i need now are the tools lol

  3. mississchic says:

    Power tools are a woman’s best friend, diamonds are first. LOL?

  4. gargantuanuan says:

    The girl using the drill is sooo sexy.? mmmm 🙂

  5. Pozorrogo says:

    At first I was like….. ugh that shell? is ugly inside and out
    Then you put the beeswax polish on it and WOW its gorgeous now XD

  6. IrisMG says:

    That can take the skin off your finger, too. Can you use? sandpaper by hand?

  7. warhamerrookie2 says:

    you really should wear a respiration mask anyway? just in case when you grind that much, and love how the different pieces came out. nice videos 😀

  8. hwiseman1 says:

    Yes, be careful of? the dust…drill them wet, not dry and wear a mask. You can seriously jack up your lungs.

  9. TheAc40214 says:

    You can also soak mussel shells in 50-50 bleach-water for a? few days and get the same result.

  10. GGmacD says:

    always wear protective eye glasses. it is one of the basic safety? requirements in the user manual.

  11. VideoGameCoupons says:

    wow! you’re so creative. Kudos? to u!

  12. Doberman Knives says:


  13. Doberman Knives says:

    she? said it again, “you should wear a mask” she isnt, and what about your eyes? this is a BAD advert for what is a potentially a good idea

  14. Baba8o8 says:

    Thanks for sharing, it? helped me!

  15. Nicholas Rabauliman says:


  16. Nicholas Rabauliman says:

  17. Nicholas Rabauliman says:

    Local Saipan islander shell carver who uses various Dremel models to accomplish the most beautiful shell pendants, please check it? out!!

  18. ThePurple572002 says:

    And then rub the shell with cooking oil or baby oil to make it? shine.

  19. Mary Vanmeter says:

    Where is your saftey eye protection ladies?

  20. Guiltylikeacocobean says:

    I was wondering how the polish pads work. Its? beeswax that makes it work! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  21. KarlaCervantes89 says:

    i am not going? to buy that huge drill , just to make a shell for one time

  22. Priscilla Merrow says:

    This was very helpful thank you?

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