How To Make A Dremel Sanding Disc Pad

I made this video March 17th 2012. It is about making a sanding disc pad that works on my Dremel that does not throw the sanding discs every time you try to …

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13 Responses to How To Make A Dremel Sanding Disc Pad

  1. Loni Carr says:

    What a great and informative? video, thank you for taking the time to make it!

  2. summerswoodworking says:

    Well thank you!?

  3. cmtecarvalho says:

    Hello Brian! Thanks for all the explanations! I missed one little detail: how exactly the sanding? disk is kept attached to the wheel you’ve adapted?

  4. summerswoodworking says:

    it? is self adhesive sand paper the same as the larger sanding disc just cut smaller circles.

  5. cmtecarvalho says:

    Ah, ok. I’m new on the business (thus not yet familiar with most of the available sanding gear), so thank you once more for the patience!?

  6. summerswoodworking says:

    no sweat… Glad to help! I take it you use a dremel? Well if there is anything else I can help you with? let me know!

  7. cmtecarvalho says:

    Thanks a lot pal. Yes – i just bought a rotary tool and i’m currently learning how to take advantage of it and also? its many accessories through the “trial and error” method. By the way: make it 183 subscribers to your channel 🙂

  8. BubbaDale48 says:

    Ohhhhh K!! Now this is the Kind of Stuff im lookn for on youTube.. Very Creative.. Im gunna make? me one.. Thanx for Sharing ur Idea… Now again how does the Sandpaper stick to it? Does paper have Adhesive or did you use spray adhesive?? Bubba

  9. summerswoodworking says:

    I cut discs out of original sanding disc sheets for the drill sanding disc pad. It already has self adhesive on the back. You get about 8 mini discs out of 1 original i think its? a 7 inches sanding disc.

  10. OmegaMetalic says:

    you can go to and they? already sell this stuff

  11. summerswoodworking says:

    Yep? just checked thanks for the link.

  12. Bill Slavin says:

    Very nice.?

  13. summerswoodworking says:


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