How to make a briar pipe with common tools

Note that I have made a new series of pipe making videos. The playlist for the 7 video pipe making series can be found at —————————————————————————————– In this video I go through the steps to make a briar tobacco pipe using common shop tools. I know I go fast sometimes and am not the most organized in my tutorials, but I’ll try and get better in my presentation. Please let me know if you have any questions. The most important thing I can stress is if you want to do this, just give it a try. Start out with a pre-bored kit if you don’t want to drill your air hole and tobacco chamber to start with. It won’t take long and you’ll be buying blocks of briar and having fun making pipes. Materials needed: • Briar block available from online pipe supply or on eBay. I suggest only using briar. • 5/16″ Delrin rod. Also goes by a few other names. You should find a lot of info online regarding it. • 2 part epoxy (5 min, 12 min or 60 minute. I use 12 minute epoxy). Tools used: • A good quality forstner bit is essential in squaring up your stemel where the stem will meet the pipe. Get a forstner bit that is big enough for your stem area on your briar block. • Drill Press for drilling airway, mortise & tobacco chamber. • Tobacco chamber bit in 3/4″ or 7/8″ available from Pimo Pipe Supply ( • 11/64″ long drill bit for air hole in shank. • 5/16″ drill bit for the mortise and mouth piece. Be sure

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  1. kraigseder says:

    Finally got cable internet that is fast enough for me to upload in that resolution. … but still don’t have a great camera? for taking video. It works for now.

  2. PaPa52109 says:

    Both pipe making skills and camera work very good. New to this and your presentaion very encouraging. ? They joy you have for this is apparent. New to this so please reply with styles you named for different styles. Keep up the good work and sharing!

  3. xIIEPiiCFAiiLx says:

    What? do you use for the stem and mouthpiece. I didn’t quite catch what you used there. Thanks. Great vid btw

  4. kraigseder says:

    Sorry I glossed over that. I used a vulcanite stem that I bought? at pipemakers-dot-org. If you get on their email list they have great sales on vulcanite stems all the time. The stem comes with a large tenon that is meant to be machined down. I just grind off the tenon and drill a 5/16″ hold to place my 5/16″ Delrin rod. The Delrin comes the perfect size but you do need to drill an air hole down the center of it.

  5. Venediktos Sklivaniotis says:

    Only i am seeing the pipes move up,right and left when the video is about? to end ?

  6. Alan Kerslake says:

    Nice? video, I have been making pipes now for about a year, you do a great job. I have subscribed to your channel. Alan.

  7. totoro81791 says:

    I was as well lol Almost? thought I was on something xD

  8. bob doogie says:

    why are all? the pipes morphing

  9. kraigseder says:

    I tried using YouTube’s stabilize video feature. All? of their features really seem to make things worse. I’ve tried to revert the video to remove the stabilization.

  10. George Kaigamw says:

    mate what material is the black part? of the pipe??

  11. Alan Kerslake says:

    Excellent video on pipe making.Would like to have? seen you using the lathe.Alan.

  12. Carlos Sales says:

    Could antbory list all? tools to make a briar pipe? Especially that looks a arrow? I really apreciate who help me. Thanks.

  13. kraigseder says:

    Really the? bare minimum tools needed are a drill, hand saw, wood rasp, files and sandpaper. The tricky part for me was sizing the tenon on the mouth piece. The first few pipes I made I stuck the tenon on a Dremel tool with a 1/8″ bit. I then spun the entire mouth piece and press a file to it to grind it down the the appropriate size.

    Here is a great book to get you started it’s called Pimo’s Guide to Pipe Crafting at Home. It starts with the bare basics but goes into other methods.

  14. kraigseder says:

    I also highly recommend starting out with a few Pipe Kits from “Pipes and Cigars” website. The tobacco chamber and air hole are drilled and the stem is fitted. Thsi way you just need to worry about shaping the? pipe.

  15. Carlos Sales says:

    my problem is finding the spade? bit here in Brazil. Do you know of any site regardless I can buy?

  16. kraigseder says:

    I? can’t post URLs here but I will send you a message where you can get the spade bits.

  17. kraigseder says:

    The black step? is vucanite and the tenon is made from 5/16 Delrin rod.

  18. gene0560 says:

    why did you replace the vulcanite tenon instead of making it 5/16′?

  19. kraigseder says:

    I don’t have a good? small lathe to turn the tenon. With the delrin rod it creates a perfect fitting strong tenon.

  20. mariohmax says:

    Spade bits are called in Brazil as? “broca plana” and it is very easy to find them. Have a look at google. I’ve got some irwin ones. There are other brands as well. Good luck.

  21. Carlos Sales says:

    Broca? plana has a different tip.

  22. mariohmax says:

    @Carlos Sales broca plana ou? chata. You’ll find many types of spade bits.

  23. kraigseder says:

    I’ll? have to look into that. I’m learning as I go. Thank you Carlos!

  24. John Glauser says:

    Have you considered selling your pipes on the net? and what kind of prices would you consider? i really liked? the one you made and smoked yourself. how did it smoke for you?

  25. kraigseder says:

    Thank you very much. I do sell some of the pipes. The prices on the rusticated pipes? are usually $70 to $80 depending on the design. Smooth pipes a little more. I am a web developer so this is just a hobby right now. Hopefully I’ll get some better equipment in the near future so I can make them a little faster.
    The pipes all smoke really well. Nice draw.

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