How to Install Crown Moulding like The Pros

We specialize in the custom design and installation of interior mouldings including crown moulding, chair railing, wall frames, coffered ceilings, tray ceili…

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19 Responses to How to Install Crown Moulding like The Pros

  1. omega473 says:

    es puro pedo todo? esto.

  2. song0ngot says:

    Selling tools??

  3. Scott Fleming says:

    Why is the title of this video “How to Install Crown? Moulding Like the Pros”? It doesn’t show me how to even contact these guys to have them do it. Another 2:29 of my life wasted.

  4. organization13leader says:


  5. lgttb1 says:

    the cope master is one sweet tool?

  6. Mark Bell says:

    Um.. pretty useless video for DIYers. Should have been called “This is how a pro does? it” rather than a “How to” video.

  7. tyruben says:

    cope? master…

    came buckets.

  8. MrHyginusFernandes says:

    This is an advertisement… it’s doesn’t show how to? do it….

  9. The000007777 says:

    to good to be true, meauser and do the cuts at the shop,bullshit this is not marble?

  10. willy2mil says:


  11. ry4nsv1de0s says:

    LOL, Paslode nailers, extremely fast untill the battery runs out and the gas has to be replaced. I’d like to see your estimates to? cover this ridiculous process. How much a linear foot to install basic 4 1/2″ crown?

  12. Megaplexx DH says:

    The cope master is worthless if you do quality work. Everyone that trims houses everyday knows that with every different bundle of trim, the trim differs just enough to make the template piece not quite exact therefor throwing your cope off by a little bit. We used the cope master a couple times then sold it…more trouble than its worth, get a coping saw. That angle finder I have used and found somewhat useful, Then i just realized it just easier to cut all my outside corners slightly sharper?

  13. Jerry Miller says:

    no audio?

  14. Tom Tommy says:

    This is? the greatest

  15. Jeison Pena says:

    @Mark Bell haha? seriously

  16. MrMixmasterslick says:

    Very effective operation with good results. You put a lot? of cash to start but Im sure it’s paid off over labor. Where do I get that glue?? Excellent for miters

  17. 17jflor says:

    ive seen the 2p10 kit on amazon. Fixn to? order it…

  18. Whereda Workat says:

    if it takes you? 5 to 10 minutes to cope crown with a coping saw, just 45 it. this is just over the top.

  19. pinehillprimitives1 says:

    And what do you do if youre walls arent a PERFECT 90 degrees? Coping is the right choice, plus once a house starts to settle, and it will, a 45 will open up wheras a coped? joint wont.

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