How to Install Crown Molding

My brother shows how to install crown molding around a ceiling, it is not easy to do and many screw it up. My brother does some awesome work, check out this shot of his kitchen he did himself: We stayed at his house during Thanksgiving, and I thought it would be fun to make a video with him, since I am always looking for ways to practice. Every time I make a video I will learn something, and on this one I learned a few things. One of them is to do a mic check with a lav while his chin is all the way down. I wanted to practice run and gun without any script and without knowing what he was going to do next, you will see exposure changes, zooming changes and focusing issues as I adjust as he moves. I used my new CarrySpeed view finder the whole time to see how well it would work in this situation. I thought it did pretty well. Also having the image stabilization on my 24-70mm was very nice, but you still see movement in the camera as I search for the focus ring and back to the zoom ring, I need to get better at that.

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  1. MelL D la Cruz says:

    very different? than usual but very educational

  2. Daniel Courtney says:

    Your technique is the same I use. The big problem I have is dealing with expansion and contraction and my lap joints or inside miters opening up. Many people here in AZ have evaporative cooling, so the increased humidity does crazy things to? long molding runs. How do you deal with it? Great video!

  3. a104036 says:

    For a second I though it was you, until I started reading the? description.

  4. Daniel Courtney says:

    Dave? – Does your brother have a construction or building channel on YouTube?

  5. ODWALLA123 says:

    Just Great?

  6. Dave Dugdale says:

    Not yet, I have been telling him for years it would be? a fun thing for him to try.

  7. oldsnell says:

    Well done. He really should give starting a channel some though. He is very good.
    One side note to the director, I know this was only test, but you? should watch out for mirrors

  8. Dave Dugdale says:

    Thanks, I noticed that during filming, but I didn’t want to? start a new take since we were moving fast and wanted to help with Thanksgiving dinner that day.

  9. Jon Banach says:

    Hey Dave, just out of curiosity, do you have any plans to move? to the Mac eventually? Or do you plan to stay on PC’s?

  10. saladobsh says:

    Man…crown moding looks to complicated? to DIY for me….

  11. Dennis Mathias says:

    Well, I can tell he’s your brother.? Is he a twin?

  12. Dave Dugdale says:

    Nope, he is? 2 years older.

  13. armandod2010 says:

    This is? a DIY that you really gotta be serious about, rather pay some1 todo it lol

  14. UncleRob199 says:

    More videos like this please! I’m working on a room atm and I’m only 26, not much knowledge about it. Tips on nice looking lighting would be good too.? The room might be used for studio stuff/video recording as well? as lounging in. Thanks guys.

  15. TalaxY84 says:

    we in Croatia use styrofoam crown molding instead of wood and we sealed? with glue, its easy, cheaper, same looking and safe from worms!

  16. mrman17 says:

    You could end up doing your own version of “This Old House” 🙂

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