How To Install Ceiling Crown Molding

Visit my website for more tips. How to install ceiling crown molding. Installing ceiling crown molding can seem like a skill that is over your head, but follow these practical pointers to bring it down to earth.

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21 Responses to How To Install Ceiling Crown Molding

  1. NEONSO says:

    It? hurts to see him hammer the crown. But I’m sure sure it came out beautifully.

  2. marvin666777 says:

    you cant see the sacrificial? piece of wood in his hand?

  3. Christopher Fenner says:

    Thanks for leaving out an important detail like? the angle to cut the crown at.

  4. JDT738126 says:

    Shouldn’t? you cope an inside corner on a crown just like a base board?

  5. Zorfox1 says:

    Nice joints! However the title is misleading. Little “how to” information was provided. It was more of a demonstration video.

    @JDT – There are two basic methods for installation 1) Angle BOTH cuts. 2)? Straight cut one and cope the other. Obviously the video used method 1 which can be more problematic but properly done will provide a superior joint.

  6. rhth79 says:

    That’s kind of the old fashioned? way you could say. Mitre saw all the way.

  7. gamy2chknfc says:

    would have been nice to explain as you went along a? little more.

  8. midnight766 says:

    what is? that magic gun that sticks it to the wall

  9. glenh75 says:

    lol.. You can hear Kiss? “Beth” playing… Classic Rock is Carpenter music!

  10. glenh75 says:

    Normally it’s 45*. If it’s to the out, then? I believe it’s 22.5.. I think…?

  11. zameer23 says:

    half of? a right angle = 45 deg…

  12. Mad Smith says:

    22.5 is if the corner is? at a 45 degree.

  13. Mad Smith says:

    if the walls are true 90 degrees you can angle both? but most houses i do are remodels and a lot of settling occurs in which coping is more suitable.

  14. Mike Smith says:

    As a Builder I won’t accept an inside miter! Why: Because in time , the first year the material will “shrink” and I hate callbacks.
    This “crown molding install is not for a “custom or a real carpenter job.”
    I learned 40+ years ago? cope and then sand and fit.

  15. 321AUDIO says:

    good job sir?

  16. Fuh Queue says:

    this is fine for a new build that isn’t a disaster of? unlevelness, anything for uneven walls/ceilings?

  17. Fuh Queue says:

    they call that the “wizard hammer”, the? only way to have one is to inherit it from a master molder passed down from 1000 generations, to steal it from a master molder or to find a lost one. your best bet is finding one as stealing from a master molder will render you unable to ever use it (dead), and if you stand to inherit one you aren’t talking to us, you’re installing molding.

  18. faber1958 says:

    IT one thing to WATCH someone work; it’s another to learn from someone who EXPLAINS what they are doing, as they are doing it. That’s called the Demonstration-Performance method of teaching. This? aint it.

  19. thebrit301 says:

    I was watching nuclear bombs and I got here?

  20. Darren Butler says:

    crybaby comments |how? can the video watcher tell l the material moisture content .good video roy.

  21. VIVA VILLA says:

    that’s right Mike? !

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