How to install and cut crown molding without power tools Save money no special tools

Fast easy to understand crown moulding 45degree outside and inside corner without using power saws or special tools.

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15 Responses to How to install and cut crown molding without power tools Save money no special tools

  1. Monica Benavidez says:

    Good information, but? lord I am so nauseated from all the camera movements!

  2. rudythecat1954 says:

    Would have been an excellent 5-star video but for the shaky and unfocused camera work! If you have the time and inclination it would really be great if you could re-video? it with a steadier hand. Still, the basic information was great.

  3. Betsy Bryant says:

    Great info,a little to fast, for the? camera to keep up.

  4. FilmandTVMaker says:

    messed up way of explaining how to do crown molding. not the normal way, but? in the end works i guess.

  5. drcool84 says:

    it works. but this? is one of the worst videos i’ve ever seen.

  6. G Iii says:

    This? video made me so friggin dizzy.

  7. mary yehlik says:


  8. William Brown says:


  9. andrew gallivan says:

    not the best video but fantastic? info

  10. william ingram jr says:

    So you just draw lines free handed and cut where ever. I get it now.? Thanks not only am I so confused, but I am also SO DIZZY!

  11. Carl Clampett says:

    What? a butcher

  12. minameise says:

    I couldnt stop laughing at? this video. Submit it to Americas funniest HV.

  13. potogold2002 says:

    Poor camera work…Very distracting.?

  14. jimi2142 says:

    So let me get this straight … No, wait a? minute, I don’t want it straight. So … Oh for crissakes, never mind.

  15. MsAncients1 says:

    I didnt quite get how to do the inside corners but I understood what you were saying. This made me think of a father explaining to his son. The proper terminology was not used but everybody learns differently. It made perfect sense to me. Thanks? for posting.

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