How to Fix Your Dremel Tool by Noah Vawter

One part of the common Dremel tool is actually very, very easy to repair yourself. This video shows you how! For more Do-It-Yourself stuff, especially audio, go to

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13 Responses to How to Fix Your Dremel Tool by Noah Vawter

  1. cpnnpr says:

    Good? to know! The p.irateship looks like a great place to work. Do you share the space with other hackers?

  2. TheAngrycrow says:

    Your live video technique is? growing fast! Cool videos dude!

  3. BraiNCollecter says:

    My dremel still turns but i can’t get the cap on the end off it !
    Do yo have any tips? for mee to get the cap on the end off my dremel??

  4. Matthew Terrell says:

    my dremal shaft lock is not working and i can not get a bit out and? i dont know what to do? can you help me?

  5. DIYDSP says:

    Hi! Maybe you could post some pix of it. In the meantime, I would try both WD-40 and a great product called “Liquid Wrench.”? I have used these both successfully in the past to unseize frozen metal parts.

  6. DIYDSP says:

    Hey droog!? the p.irateship currently has about 10 members, with a few desks open now for potential members. We have basic electronics equipment, but we’re mostly work desks during the day and music studios in the evening.

  7. BraiNCollecter says:

    Thanks for reply but in time i fixed my dremel. My oncle helpt me with it and he sai ‘ u have to use oil sometimes on the spinning part’ and yeh as? always he was right; But thanks for the reply 😀

  8. igsaturation says:

    Clear great review. You can keep the tool running by using a short piece of plastic tubing until the part arrives. Many newer Dremels [ 100-300] no longer use the flex? coupling. If the motor is overworked it will overheat instead of the coupler breaking. I guess too many service calls for the coupler over telling users to rest the tool and let it cool it down.

  9. inxs13 says:

    Excellent ! Bro this is very helpful & I will always buy Dremel.? The best. Thank you so much

  10. kaylicity says:


  11. browill9 says:

    Thanx bro. I was going to buy a new tool today. Your vid saved me a? lot of cash thanx!

  12. MegaSuperCritic says:

    You sir, are a hero. You look like? one too…

  13. Sam Pentella says:

    Great Video,do you have the model# of that tool,I have a Sears version with a bad bearing(front),trying? to cross reference the part.

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