How to fix severe circular disc scratches.

Not for pansy little scratches. For big, hearty, lumberjack scratches. Need: · A dremel tool with a buffing attachment. · Heavy duty rubbing compound. It should be a thick liquid or liquidy solid with a very fine grit. · Plenty of napkins or paper towels. · Dish detergent. · A light oil. · A trashed practice disc. 1. Do this in your garage or outside in an area that can be cleaned, as specks of the compound may spray from the business end of the Dremel tool. 2. Practice on the trashed disc first. Apply the compound to the disc and spread with napkins or paper towels. 3. Turn the Dremel tool onto its lowest setting and apply moderate pressure to the disc as you parallel the circular scratch. Do not stay in one place for too long or press too hard, as the friction will irreparably damage the disc’s finish. Hence the practice. 4. After having gone all the way around, reapply compound and repeat process. Disc will need to be cleaned of excess compound every two or three applications. 5. A very scratched disc may require this to be repeated 15 times or so. A lightly scratched disk, 8 to 10 times. 6. Once the deep circular scratch has been buffed away, wash the disc with detergent. You’ll notice dull marks where you’ve been buffing the hell out of the disc. These are unavoidable tiny scratches. Apply a few drops of oil and spread with your finger, then very lightly wipe away with a soft tissue. Don’t wipe it all away. The oil is filling the tiny scratches, but if excess is gone

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25 Responses to How to fix severe circular disc scratches.

  1. veesmile12 says:

    I failed on my w3 disc…. maybe it will work on an iPod? touch…?

  2. PrepaidMexican says:

    nah,? im trying 2 fix skyrim

  3. SuperKiddTwist says:

    Thumbs up if your trying to fix Black? Ops

  4. jeffraysnr says:

    what sort of? paté did you use?

  5. Jman90090 says:

    Thumbs? up if ur trying to fix mw3 cause it’s so AWESOME

  6. unleashedr says:

    Looool ha ha, ps3 owners don’t have this problem, must really suck to treat your game like a? baby

  7. TheRobotbill says:

    haha no one thumbs up because no one? likes ghost and second chance

  8. Dremora Valkynaz says:

    Excuse me? A? very fine GRIT? I don’t think so, man!

  9. godlover500 says:

    what did you put? on the disk

  10. ExtremeDitecter666 says:

    Thumbs down because he? didnt explain anything 🙁 / 🙁

  11. o0Emoil0o says:

    Top comments can even say? that MW is a bad game

  12. justin gill says:

    I tried this and is snaped my? disk

  13. Payton Breedlove says:


  14. jonathancantu16 says:

    My saints row and? GTA 4 🙁

  15. warmachine945 says:

    my? skyrim

  16. drewnotyou says:

    That to? much work :/

  17. James Wheeler says:

    if i just had one of them!!? 🙁

  18. 1231stavros says:

    thumbs? up if you thought that was dog shit

  19. jamessavage20 says:

    this? bullshit

  20. deamondwellers says:

    show us what the game is, for all we? know that disk could be fake with a little plastic saying its xbox

  21. L1Games says:

    this is just stupid. why feed people false information? This will? only serve to further damage your disc.

  22. usher415 says:

    Way? da fuck

  23. ArtiicBlizzard says:

    it dditn? work now i gotta sell it for fucking rip off then gotta buy it again for 54.99 for skyrim thanks alot u little bastard

  24. IsraelVEVI says:

    My? Black Ops 2 :,(

  25. davidsmia562 says:

    this? would never happen with ps3 xbox fags

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