How to Engrave Decorative Stones

Create stunning party favours or stylish decorations by engraving pretty designs onto common garden or beach stones! Corinne Bradd shows Kate Hemmings how to…

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25 Responses to How to Engrave Decorative Stones

  1. rbssas says:

    Thanks you two always find neat and easy projects? for us less artist type people.

  2. Bamber95 says:

    LOL less artist type people? xD

  3. wolfsf2012 says:

    I love how she says to always wear? safety glasses but doesn’t wear them herself.

  4. TheFrost20011 says:

    @wolfsf2012 she said to use? them when doing glass not for the rocks

  5. Linda Sanders says:

    I use my dremel for all this stuff. I didn’t buy the engraver, I just have the stylest dremel. It does some great engraving as well. I’ll look for the engraver tho, didn’t really know dremel made one. Thanks for the tutorial. It’s cool. When will we? see more tutorials?

  6. Zambaku says:

    I’m very paranoid about hurting my hand with one? of those machines.

  7. wallisar says:

    She says to wear? safety glasses when engraving glass. She is engraving a stone – not glass.

  8. UkFisherman81lb says:

    the? fat cunts lisp made me switch off after 5 seconds…..

  9. littlebritchesinc says:

    Nice video. Very informative. ? Thanks

  10. insanecaine says:

    Great. Very informative. ?

  11. doityourselfplz says:

    You girls? are great

  12. knightbook1 says:

    That’s not a lisp…they’re? British, you fishmonger.

  13. vivaloriflamme says:

    I have a Dremel, I have a river of rocks—- time to get busy. Thanks for the inspiration.?

  14. ScreeminMeeme says:

    Very informative and helpful video. Thanks much for you very clear tutorial. ?

  15. tonehopper says:

    Thanks Corinne & Kate! Special thanks to Corinne!
    Obviously UKFisherman81lb lives in a very small and lonely world that he can go back to. Your kindness goes a long way in making our larger? world even larger 😉

  16. jademontana1218 says:

    where do u find one of those in graver things???? I? want one!!!!

  17. IDameaux9I says:

    please help, im now stuck between this tool or a rotary tool. i want to engrave soft gemstones, and cured polymer clay, but i also need to be able to make holes for eyepins. should? i get a tool like this that vibrates or will a rotary tool suffice? any help much appreciated 🙂

  18. JLHjewelry says:

    She said to? always wear them when doing glass, because of the small glass chips. But she’s doing a stone for the video.

  19. shaggiest1 says:

    You? should wear safety glasses no matter what you are engraving on.

  20. Dan Mags says:

    Common sense dictates that one must wear safety goggles in doing? this kind of work, especially so when one is not wearing an eyeglasses.

  21. TEEGization says:

    Eyeglasses will get horribly scratched up if you don’t wear protective goggles over them,? trust me. 🙁

  22. SPAZNIKproject says:

    can? you engrave plastic?

  23. Debra Cherney says:

    Home Depot OR Lowes
    But I was wondering? , I have a dremel…should I get the engraving tool as well?

  24. Debra Cherney says:

    So, What do you use your dremel for? I just got one for Christmas, trying to collect? things that I need for projects. Also looking for projects to try. Do you know where I can get ideas from?

  25. Luciffrit says:

    She said for glass. Though you should always wear safety? equipment. Even if “professionals don’t”.

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