How to Dremel a Carbon slot in EPP foam

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15 Responses to How to Dremel a Carbon slot in EPP foam

  1. Matthew Walsh says:

    dont break the carbon like that, unless you like? the thought of carbon fibers raping your lungs.

  2. 3dd4dd says:

    do you know any other slot cutting method besides using the Dremel tool? ? I tried using hobby knife.. it didn’t work very well.

  3. tallguysd says:

    You can cut a good grove in epp foam using a? solder iron also just make sure your in a well vented area.

  4. dingo7222 says:


  5. stevecoterell9 says:

    cant seem to keep up with the wing robert
    some of your vids show aileron taper to the bottom some show taper to the bottom??This vid shows it bottom- Please explain why the change ? you get no more throw top or bottom except planes since time? began have the taper bottom for air flow ..steve

  6. stevecoterell9 says:

    sorry some bottom some? top

  7. tallguysd says:

    It’s ok I even licked? my fingers and rubbed my eyes too!

  8. Jim Haley says:

    your audio is very low,,hard to hear,,You Gotta Die from? something,,

  9. bottomgunner says:

    where do you get the corbon rod? from?

  10. tallguysd says:

    Im a? local Dealer for rcfoam thats where I get my Material

  11. Radhakrishna Hari says:

    Thanks for this video. Works very well. Just added the spar slot on? for LeadFeathers Yak 55

  12. CarlosMerighe says:

    Decision made, this? guy is a frigging genius!

  13. sajtoscsoda says:

    xome on, what is this? get a hobbyknife and cut the slot for the? carbon rod yourself

  14. tallguysd says:

    I use a soldering Iron Now so much faster and clean and the? carbon fits perfect every time.

  15. sajtoscsoda says:

    i cut of the rubber covering from the barrel of my high-temperature glue gun, after 10 minutes it gets hella hot and easily melts a slot in the foam, and also there is always a litle? glue on it so it makes it very strong…

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