How To Cut Crown Molding

Tim Carter, of, demonstrates how to position crown molding in a miter saw for perfect cuts every time. Sign up NOW for Tim’s FREE weekly newsletter at:

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25 Responses to How To Cut Crown Molding

  1. Spacestuff4me says:

    Awesome video and it? really helped me do it right the first time. I watched 10 other videos before I found this one. WOW, it was way easier, faster and I didn’t waste any material, like I’ve seen others do.

    Thanks very much for your video. Ray

  2. AsktheBuilder says:

    Ray, Thanks. If your really want to discover all the tricks, you should get my Crown Molding? EBook!!! You should see what I have in there.

  3. lerner555 says:

    very good? video

  4. ?????? ??? says:

    thank you? very much!!!!

  5. burntrenolds says:

    that’s the first time I’ve seen cutting baseboards upright…whats the diff if I cut baseboards flat? (most guys don’t have an expensive mitre saw like yours with a high clearance)?

  6. AsktheBuilder says:

    None. If you have a compound saw,? cut them flat. Whatever makes your boat float.

  7. 69edski says:

    what? angle is the crown molding cut at?

  8. AsktheBuilder says:

    Half the angle of the intersection of? the two walls where you’re installing it.

  9. inbetweentheday says:

    if you cut crown molding with your fingers near that blade say good bye to them. Too many? people don’t show you how to use a miter saw correctly

  10. AsktheBuilder says:

    That’s a very good tip. Safety is so important. It’s a matter of being aware: Where the blade is when it’s spinning? and where your fingers are. I still have my fingers, so you can say Hello! to them each day if you’re careful.

  11. InShatteredMolds says:

    true, i’ve seen so many guys? on the job desperate to get a cut quickly they basicly almost cut their fingers off its like…seriously production is one thing but if you lose fingers, you’re worth nothing:D

  12. Cary Kennedy says:

    your last cut on the? video was scary. your fingers looked way too close to the blade.

  13. AsktheBuilder says:

    See below….. You have to? be aware.

  14. ween275 says:

    We are assuming that the walls are straight and the angle is a 90. Not true in old houses and that is where the? reality checks in. Let’s do a corner that is not a perfect 90, showing us the best way to compute and cut. Thanks.

  15. AsktheBuilder says:

    So very true!! I cover exactly how? to deal with out-of-square corners in my ebook about Crown Molding. You can see it in the Store at my AsktheBuilder website.

  16. timdoc1 says:

    For demo purposes maybe, but notice his? age, and that he has all his fingers…. he’s doing something right!

  17. Ditre says:

    i dont have a miter saw to cut the crown molding that way, do you know what miter and bevel angles? i could use on a table saw?

  18. chios1958 says:

    Can? you use a table saw?

  19. AsktheBuilder says:

    Can you read? all the comments?

  20. silenciotranquilo says:

    thanks i try tomorrow? in my job

  21. burtonkidd says:

    Not really, his? fingers were a good 1.5″ maybe 2″ from the blade, i’m 16 im currently doing my coop at a cabinet making shop and iv done smaller cuts then that where my fingers are less then 1″ from the blade.

  22. zerobane3 says:

    Compound mitre’s tend to much safer then table saw’s. I’ve never had a piece of wood pulled into a blade or jumped (which is usually how you loose a finger on a table saw).

    Just keep the? piggies outside of the redzone. 🙂

  23. flatpicker1234 says:

    Do I cut each end of the same board? the same way ? Do I cut both of them upside down ?

  24. chevyrag4 says:

    I need? the builder at my house tomorrow at 7am

  25. AsktheBuilder says:

    I’m on my cell phone now reading this. I’ve been knocking at your door for the past 35 minutes.? No answer. Enormous frustration after driving all night. I’m going back home now. Next time set your alarm. :->

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