How to cut crown molding flat with a DEWALT Miter Saw

This a demonstration of how to cut crown molding using a single bevel cutting technique.

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6 Responses to How to cut crown molding flat with a DEWALT Miter Saw

  1. Carlo whittaker says:

    this vid? was the inside cut with molding flat
    do you have the vid on the outside cut

  2. kend414 says:

    This video does? not inform the viewer that the setup angles are for a specific spring angle. Some are 45/45 while others are 38/52 degrees. Not all walls are 90 degrees. Depending on the spring angle and the true angle of the wall 90 deg in a perfect wall. look up crown molding angle charts on google.

  3. systemac80 says:

    good , but now we want see the way for? outside cut TANKS!

  4. TheQuickNews says:

    Very informative, please show us? more. Thanks. Alberto.

  5. Vanessa Keeton says:

    All of the angles needed for both flat and in position cutting are charted here in a very easy to read format. 🙂

    I can’t post a link because of spam reasons and all, so you’ll have to do a search.

    Go to Google
    search “compound miter angle chart crown”
    click result for “Cutting Crown Molding with DEWALT Miter Saws”

    You’ll land on a page with lots of good? info. 🙂

  6. NUTclan4ever says:

    Great? tip. Thanks.

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