How to cut crown molding by Angle Indicator for compound miter saw

Device enabling to cut moldings exactly at the first attempt by indicating the exact miter and bevel angles of compound miter saw KTI Inc. obtained a patent for this Molding Cutting Angle Indicator for the first time in the world. Molding Cutting Angle Indicator is a measuring device indicating the cutting angle for compound miter saw to help you cut molding materials exactly and conveniently.. Once you measure the angle of a ceiling and wall required molding and carpentry works, it can indicate you the exact miter and bevel angle of an compound miter saw immediately. It can also indicate the wall angle and miter angle. User has only to set the miter and bevel angles of the compound miter saw as indicated by Molding Cutting Angle Indicator and then cut the crown molding materials (45/45 or 38/52) and flat molding materials (plywood, gypsum board, etc.) The molding cutting angle indicator enables for everyone to do his/her job required measurements of all relevant angles by conducting a single measurement of the angle conveniently without preparing a separate jig.

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  1. John Sauls says:

    This is what I call a? “bevel gauge.” I have used it in steel construction for many years. Very good.

  2. enrico3web says:

    how to? order this angle device ?

  3. ktrade21 says:

    please contact me –>?

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