How to cut a crown molding outside corner by Crown Molding Solutions

Easiest crown molding to cut and install no compound miter cuts. Just paint and glue to the wall. We can cut the corners for you! Contact us at our home office 800 315 6311 or visit our website http

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13 Responses to How to cut a crown molding outside corner by Crown Molding Solutions

  1. majcorps says:

    Thanks so much!?

  2. madpaddy73 says:

    sweet thanks!!?

  3. jharris919 says:

    Thanks for making it so much easier,
    your time is greatly appericated.?

  4. stripes5150 says:

    it pisses me off that i thought about styrofoam crown moulding when i was? 10 or 11…..i’d be rich now.

  5. Jnkdog says:

    Nice. Thanks. ?

  6. rnonajulca says:

    look? nice

  7. Razik Hussain says:

    very good.easy to learn & understand.
    many thnx?

  8. jrwesterman says:

    How do you cut? it when your modeling is also at a 45

  9. Derek T says:

    That’s correct. With our flat back molding you only need to move your saw one time!
    Pull your saw to the left and keep the molding on the left of the blade to make inside corners. Move your saw to the right and? keep your molding on the left to make outside corners. This is the easiest molding ever to cut.

  10. Derek T says:

    If you cut a 90 degree corner set your miter to? 45 degrees, cut a 80 degree corner set the miter to 40 degrees per cut. Just simple math.

  11. Robert Lemire says:

    PEOPLE !! pay attention ….he said FLAT BACK molding ! If your installing crown molding that is not FLAT BACK then this type of cut will not work ! Molding can be expensive so i just wanted to let all of you know this !! I? just installed crown molding non flat back, and watched this video cause he makes it seems so easy, well this way did not work !! Only works for flat back molding

  12. Derek T says:

    YES PEOPLE the video did say “OUR CREATIVE CROWN FLAT BACK MOLDING” It said absolutely nothing about hard to install regular wood crown? molding.
    Our Creative Crown molding flat back crown moldings install much easier, looks better and cost less than wood moldings. Maybe you should have bought our molding instead or turned up the volume on the video.

  13. querush1 says:

    you made that understandable and? to the point, thanks

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